Customer Service Phone Tips

Making a good impression on the telephone phone is not that difficult. Here are 7 customer service phone tips to help you succeed.

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Top 7 Telephone Tips

1. Greet your customer and tell them your name. Be original if you can, rather than the usual “This is XYZ company, Lucy speaking, how may I help you?”

2. Find out your customer’s name and use it during the phone call. There is no music sweeter to the ears than our own name!

3. Focus – filter out distractions and “stay in the zone”. Make your client feel that you care by giving them your full attention.

4. Build rapport with the caller. It’s easier to deal with customer problems or complaints if you keep it friendly.

5. Smile – it may sound like a cliché but it really does work. Try it next time you deal with a telephone call (at the very least it will make you feel better!)

6. Use voice mirroring if you can. This is a technique that takes a little practice. Mirroring your customer’s tone, pace and even phrases can be used to powerful effect. Mirror the customer’s “I want it urgently” with your “I will send it quickly”.

7. Briefly summarize the phone call before hanging up and make sure you are on the same page. Leave your customer with a positive impression – after all, it’s the last thing she or he will remember about you.

Follow these customer service phone tips and you will soon master the art of excellent telephone customer service.

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