CRM – An Essential Overview

Are you looking for a brief overview of Customer Relationship Management and CRM Software? You’re in the right place..

How to Keep a Customer Even When They Are Wrong

Charlotte Sorrentino believes the customer is not always right. Find out what can be done about it..

Getting your customer to yes is not always easy. Here are some “trigger tips” to help you on your way.

Good Customer Service

A good customer service strategy is essential to maintain customer loyalty and retention. In this article you will learn how to achieve good customer service..

Communicating with Customer Focus

What you say as a Customer Service Professional is key to increasing customer satisfaction. This article focuses on what you should say..

Hard Skills, Soft Skills

Call centres, contact centres, help desks, etc., not all are bad. Likewise, not all are good..

What is Customer Service Software?

Customer service software enables an organization to manage and track customer relationships and provide customer support. Learn more in this article..

When it comes to setting out on your quest to find a job as a Customer Service Manager, it pays to construct a professional looking resume. Not only will a good resume capture your skills and experience on paper for your prospective employer to consider; it will give you a real confidence boost by reminding [...]

When Giving Service, Give It Cheerfully

Customer service – especially when it is delivered both professionally and consistently – will beat price both as a customer retention and as a customer attraction tool just about every time. But customer service is not always what its name would imply..

It’s Not Your Father’s Customer Service Anymore!

Tell me about your employees who are 25 years of age and younger” is a favorite question of mine during one of my workshops, “Communicating and Managing the X and Y Generation Employee..

Getting Customers to Love You

When I was at Lands’ End, Fortune Magazine did an article on us called, “Getting Customers to Love You.” The big revelation about why we were loved was that we could be counted on..

Getting Back to Basics: A Customer Service Tale

If your company is really about customer service, you do not want to stop providing service to customers just because they decide not to do business with you..

Customer Service Cartoons by Jerry King

Jerry King customer service cartoons to lighten your day!

Customer service expert Shep Hyken comments on a recent J.D. Power and Associates customer service survey..

Sometimes giving good customer service doesn’t have to cost a fortune..