4 Reasons Your Company Needs an Intranet


Some might think corporate intranet is dead, but this is further from the truth. More business organizations are still using this technology to bring people together and promote an effective, efficient, and collaborative working environment.

For newer or younger IT professionals, however, the intranet may appear to be a fragment from a bygone era characterized by mainframe computers and modem-based communication apparatus. Their curiosity may likewise lead them to ask, ‘What is an enterprise intranet solution?

This article will briefly orient you about the intranet and tell you why your company may still have a need for it.

1. Why Consider A Company Intranet Infrastructure

An intranet refers to private networks that are being used by business organizations in disseminating office correspondence to their workforce. It aims to improve internal communications between office staff and managers.

Below are four reasons why your company might benefit from having intranet connectivity:

2. It Enables Easy Storage Of Office Data And Files

Having an intranet system enables you to organize and store any work-related files properly. In doing so, you’re sure that nothing is lost. More importantly, any exchange of communication that occurs between staff and management will neither be mishandled nor lost. This system will be monitored continuously and always kept up-to-date with the latest intranet version available.

Depending on the kind of business you have, it’s normal to have numerous files coming in from the different departments. You need to have access to the intranet to relay messages faster. In addition, you can also use a variety of popular virtual file vault systems to simplify the process of file sharing and work collaboration.

3. It Improves Business Productivity And Boosts Employee Interaction

Increasing productivity and boosting employee involvement should be one of the top priorities of business organizations. Having an intranet system that aids employees to get involved in the day-to-day affairs of a corporate office is the best way to achieve these objectives.

An intranet helps your business achieve the following:

  • Reduce dependency on emails since communication within the organization is more direct and straightforward
  • Make information quicker and easier to find and lessen the time wasted in looking for files
  • Enable faster response to issues, resulting in better customer service and employee output
  • Present your team with everything they need to know so they can perform each of their tasks with more efficiency, such as posting collaborative content on a regular basis

When these are achieved, your business also enjoys these other advantages, such as:

  • It increases company profitability since your team can now do more because of increased productivity
  • It enables your team to optimize resources available to them for improved output, thereby improving overall company performance
  • It gives your business more opportunities for growth and diversification

4. It Fosters Efficient Inter-Office Collaboration


Employees need to communicate with each other to complete their individual tasks. By establishing an intranet system, each of them will have a profile on your company database. This will store pertinent information such as their contact details, job descriptions, and photos. Hence, any employee that has access to the intranet can connect with any of their colleagues who can help them with specific tasks.

This kind of system could also enhance the collaborative spirit that transcends employee differences. This is advantageous, most especially if your business has a large number of workers distributed within different departments. With this kind of system in place, inter-employee communication is made easier, even if you have remote workers.

5. It Creates A Stronger Company Culture

Company culture is very important for success. This means all of your employees will feel they’re an integral part of an organization. Your team will function more effectively when everyone has an open line of communication with each other and with management. This means when there’s a problem, it will be immediately addressed and resolved because communication is fostered in a cooperative environment.

Your company can also use the intranet to gather feedback from employees, publish office news or announcements, and use it as a platform for employee recognition. When your company culture is strong, your employees are happier. They will find satisfaction in knowing they belong to an organization that treats them like family.

The intranet will never go out of style anytime soon. As many businesses adopt digital offices as the next big thing in workplace evolution, the intranet will provide the means to make office communication easier to manage.

Moreover, employees and managers will have an open channel that both can use to collaborate on projects or address work-related issues in a more orderly fashion. The intranet could indeed be more than an office makeover. It’s a dynamic and continuously evolving virtual organization the digital age has brought upon the office environment.

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