How Contact Centres are Improving Customer Service

Call centre team a work

Those who have worked in a call centre will know how tough a job it is. In fact, call centres as a whole face an incredibly difficult task as the first point of contact for an extensive range of customer queries, from key sales calls to serious complaints.

Such an array of call types comes coupled with customers exhibiting the full spectrum of emotions means good customer service is absolutely paramount to customer satisfaction and retention.

With that in mind, how are contact centres going about ensuring they are providing the best possible customer service?

Intelligent Call Tracking

Advances in call tracking AI have meant businesses can make big strides forward in their customer service offering on a number of fronts.
Responsetap provide comprehensive data on each one of a business’s callers, using software that can quickly categorise calls, from high priority sales enquiries to those looking for support, and redirect them without the need for human or manual intervention.

The granular data provided also helps businesses identify how effective their marketing campaigns have been, and where they can better direct their marketing spend in the future.

What this means for the customer is faster processing, quicker recognition of queries and better tailored marketing, making call tracking a very wise investment for businesses looking to offer the best service they can for the consumer.

Better Training

Often, good customer service comes down to listening, understanding and acting correctly on a query, and while this may sound pretty simple, it’s very difficult for call centre staff to carry it out without proper training.

Contact centres are fast paced, non-stop environments, with each staff member entertaining potentially hundreds of calls a day, all varying in their nature. Each of those callers expect to be met with proactive, friendly and knowledgeable service, and are easily disillusioned if they feel any of those areas are lacking.

Good contact centres provide their staff with extensive training across systems, complaint handling and product knowledge – safe in the knowledge that having staff prepared for every possible eventuality is the only way to ensure true customer satisfaction.

The Finer Details

Alongside good training and AI assistance, businesses are drilling down further into what offers their staff the best possible capabilities. For many call centres, this means making sure their teams are equipped with the best possible tech, to keep things moving as swiftly as possible.

Quality headsets for each team member safeguard clear communication with the customer, whilst up to date, slick systems mean staff aren’t caught out by slow loading data and can provide the most efficient process possible.

Although some businesses may identify areas like these as potential cost-cutting opportunities, the most successful understand the benefits to giving their contact centres every possible advantage in a world where customer experience is the most important thing of all.

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