Mobile App for eCommerce Store — Even More Customers, Sales, and Profits

Girl using mobile store app

In 2019, it is important for your eCommerce store to have a mobile app for iOS and Android. If you don’t, you’ll lose to your competitors.

Research from consulting agencies and brands proves that mobile apps increase conversion rates and average purchase receipts, help maintain relationships with customers, motivate them to make new purchases and advise friends and family.

Why do you need a mobile app for a store?

Convenience. The mobile version of the online store is not always suitable for work on a smartphone. The reason for that is the inadaptive design, small buttons and links, work only with an Internet connection. Buyers do not linger on such mobile sites. Another thing is a mobile application. It is made in compliance with the operating systems’ guidelines and can work offline.

Alerts. When creating a mobile application for an online store, the notification function became mandatory long ago. Through messages, the shop talks about promotions, sales or new products and can even communicate with a specific user or their group. Push notifications are much more effective than e-mail or text messaging.

New audience. Mobile users download apps from the Google Play and App Store. If you have an online store for Android and iOS, you will get to these platforms and find the first potential customers who are used to making purchases in online store applications.

Increase sales. Year after year, the desktop is inferior to smartphones in a number of purchases. Through the application, consumers pay more and more willingly. Click to check the statistics of your store. Do you want additional sales? Develop a user-friendly mobile app.

Mobile Deep Linking. Deep Linking technology allows you to transfer a customer to a specific application screen via SMS or email, by clicking on a banner ad or even by clicking on a link from a Google search engine.

Integration with social networks and messengers. Consumers like to glory in new purchases or to consult with relatives about the product. In your mobile store, they can do it through the sharing buttons. So new customers will come to you without any advertising costs from your side.


In order for the app to help you achieve your business goals and be useful to your audience, it must include the following screens and features:

  • Catalog with rubrics, nesting places, and filters.
  • Search by name, brand or article in one line.
  • Discount cards with frost protection, read directly from your smartphone screen.
  • A handy shopping cart, as well as the ability to postpone a product or compare multiple items.
  • Online payment.
  • Trying on or viewing products in AR mode (if 3D models are available).
  • A loyalty program that holds online store customers at the expense of bonuses, discounts, and gifts.
  • Support chat, CRM, warehouse software, services for marketing analytics or push-message management.
  • Administrator panel for content management and marketing campaigns within the application.
  • Any other features that will bring profit to your business.


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