Great Tips on Pinching Pennies in 2020

Saving pennies

Sometimes people need some really extreme money-saving tricks or tips and this could be for several reasons. Maybe you are unable to work because of the Coronavirus Pandemic or maybe you have a savings goal and are having trouble reaching it. Whatever your reasons, there are some great penny pinching methods that can help you save some serious money.

1. Rely On Your Work Benefits

Especially during difficult financial times it is really beneficial to work for a company that provides great benefits so that you can rely on them to save money. With so many businesses being forced to shut temporarily, workers with benefits like insurance are not as anxious as other people. As there are those who may be worried affording medical care or other expenses. The companies that are most likely to bounce back from the terrible economic effects of the coronavirus Pandemic will be those who have managed to keep their staff employed and happy during this time. Even if you have been temporarily furloughed by your company, your benefits will still be in place, so rely on them to help you get through these difficult months.

2. Re-wear Your Clothes

Wearing the same clothes two or three days actually has a double benefit. The first one is that you will have to do less laundry which is going to save you money. The second benefit is that it is going to save you money on new clothes because it’s actually harder on clothes to wash them than it is to wear them. This means that you don’t have to replace your clothes as often. Especially during this time when many of us are stuck in lockdown, re-wearing your clothes is a great way to save money because there is no one to see your outfits anyway.

3. Cut Your Own Hair

Coronavirus lockdown has seen some wonderful amateur attempts at haircutting but it is actually a lot easier than you think. If you have long hair then really you just need to cut off the split ends while if you have short hair, by just snipping a little bit off each week you can basically just maintain the last professional haircut that you got. You don’t need special scissors or anything to cut your own hair but you may need a trusted friend or family member to help you with the back.

4. Do Your Laundry By Hand

Hand washing your laundry can be done in a lot of different ways but it is perhaps easiest to do in the bath or shower. Hand washing is kinder to your clothes which will save you money on replacing them and is also much cheaper than using a washing machine. Most of us don’t have time to wash our clothes by hand but with so many of us stuck inside our house right now, time is definitely something that we have in abundance. Doing your laundry by hand can be very therapeutic and is a good way to relieve stress.

5. Cut Open Tubes and Bottles

There is always some toothpaste in the bottom corner or a tube that you won’t be able to squeeze out and when you add up all the toothpaste that you have ever thrown away, you may be surprised at how much you could have saved. Cut open toothpaste tubes when they are almost finished to scrape the last bit out of the corner. Likewise, moisturizer and face wash containers can all be cut open to make sure you have used it all before you need to buy a new one. When you come to the end of a shampoo or conditioner bottle, just add a little water and shake it up and there will still be enough for loads more washes.

6. Reuse Water

There are several different ways to reuse water that are not just great for your water bills but are great for the planet too. One thing you could do is pump your water out of the bathtub after you have had a bath and use it on the lawn or on the plants in your garden. Also, while you are waiting for your water to run hot when you are filling the sink or taking a shower, collect the cold water in a bucket and use it later for something else. We use so much water in our lives that being conscientious every time can really save a lot of money.

2020 has already been such a difficult year for so many of us financially. In tough times, it is all about making seemingly small adjustments that add up to real financial savings. Try out some of the ideas in this article and start making some great savings today.

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