What is a Customer Service Advisor?

Roles and responsibilities of a Customer Service Advisor.

Customer Service AdvisorThis important job position is responsible for interacting with customers and providing information in response to product or service enquiries.

The customer service advisor communicates with clients in variety of ways; by telephone, by e-mail, fax, snail mail or face-to-face.

Some will spend most of their day on the telephone or communicating with customers via computer, while others with deal face-to-face with customers. It is worth thinking about what kind of role you would like to play before applying for a specific job.

One part of the role could be to help customers with product selection, or deal with after sales care. Solving customer’s problems and helping them with their product or service can prove enormously satisfying.

On the other hand the incumbent will often deal with complaints and will be required to calm and satisfy angry or even aggressive customers.

Entering data onto a computer system, either while on the phone with the customer or after (wrap up) may form part of the role. Good keyboard skills are therefore required as well as a keen eye for detail.

The working environment of the advisor is usually comfortable, although if based in a call center can be rather noisy and crowed depending on its size.

Work hours can be a standard 40-hour week or could be split into shifts. Remuneration is usually awarded accordingly.

Qualifications needed range from none to a high school diploma. Some specialist companies such as banks or Insurance companies may even require a college degree. The job can prove interesting to graduates, who often use it as a springboard onto other roles in the company.

The customer service advisor could progress to team leader, supervisor or manager.

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