GCOM Part of the Growing Gamification and AI Market

CueFit app

The AI Market and Gamification markets continue to grow at an amazing pace. Research shows the Gamification global market will have a CAGR of over 30% from 2019-2024. AI is expected to have even stronger growth. Market Research Future reports an estimated CAGR growth for AI of 37% by 2024.

GCOM Worldwide is part of this growth as a Master Agent with VisualCue, an operational software company.  The new technology utilizes real time AI and Gamification to improve CX agent efficiency and engagement. It focuses on what agents do and empowers them to improve their skills. This means improved production and lower turnover.

Headquartered in Lindon, UT, VisualCue has worked with contact centers, sales teams and logistics companies to implement AI and Gamification. Its CueFit performance application has increased agent utilization and performance by up to 25%. Integrating AI and Gamification affects the behavior and activities of agents. Supervisors can run more effective and efficient teams.

John Ruby, President and CEO of GCOM Worldwide stated, “We are very pleased with our new working partnership with VisualCue. Their amazing software has helped companies like Overstock.com, Orange Lake Resorts and the US Post Office see real time performance increases up to 25% per agent.”

Dan Handy, CEO of VisualCue said, “GCOM Worldwide has extensive experience and expertise in the call center industry. They’ll be able to show call centers how VisualCue’s dynamic design helps agents perform in real time to the center’s KPIs.”

The new working relationship between GCOM and VisualCue will help company’s call center leadership save money and improve performance with AI and Gamification.

A demonstration of the CueFit application can be requested by clicking here.

About GCOM Worldwide

GCOM Worldwide is a telecom consulting firm based out of Newton, NJ. It offers customized voice, data and technology solutions from top providers. For over 30 years they have provided contact centers with savings, value and innovative solutions. Clients are assured that they are receiving high-quality service at any given time. Visit www.gcomworldwide.com or call 1(800)-710-8770 to learn more.

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