Virgin Atlantic Hopes to Boost Social Media Customer Care

Airline customer careVirgin Atlantic hopes to improve its customer care by listening to and engaging with customers on social media using software from Synthesio.

The Synthesio’s platform will allow Virgin Atlantic to better examine the customer experience by way of analysis of customer comments across the internet. Virgin will be able to swiftly take action on the knowledge attained as well as answer in real-time to users needing help on networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Synthesio’s software tracks and reviews online interactions across social media websites, review websites, community forums, blogs and the comment sections of newspapers, in 50 different languages and 192 nations around the world.

Kyle Thorne, Social Relations Manager for Virgin Atlantic, said:

“Synthesio’s ability to offer us both listening and engagement within one intuitive tool was very appealing. Putting our customers at the heart of everything we do, treating people as individuals, and forging stronger connections with people who love our brand, is core to our success. When it comes to the social web, the Synthesio platform enables us to do this at scale.”

“We want to continue to improve our understanding of all aspects of the customer experience and to use customers as a source of innovation and inspiration. Social intelligence delivers fresh insights and real-time opportunities to build stronger relationships.”

Synthesio’s software also includes an integrated metric for assessing an organization’s online reputation – SRS (Social Reputation Score) – which numerous brand names use to benchmark themselves versus rivals, and determine the impact of their strategies.

Loic Moisand, Founder and CEO of Synthesio, said:

“We are very excited to work with Virgin Atlantic. It is an iconic brand with a strong personality and a broad online fan base. They clearly care about understanding their customers and providing them with an exceptional experience and we’re looking forward to assisting them with this over the coming years.”

Other brands using Synthesio software include Toyota, BT, Jameson Whiskey, BNP Paribas and MTV.

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