Free Webinar: Kickstarting Your Customer-Centric Culture

Webinar: Kickstarting Your Customer-Centric Culture

Reuters Events are excited to announce their next free customer service & experience webinar: ‘Kickstarting Your Customer-Centric Culture.’

It is becoming clearer that top-class customer experience cannot be achieved without nurturing great employee experience. An organization’s CX goals can become a reality when everyone across the enterprise has adopted a unified, customer-centric mindset.

But how do you kickstart a culture of customer-centricity?

This exciting webinar will explore the technologies, processes, tools & cultural shifts needed to install customer centricity into the heart of your organizational goals for 2021. Transformed consumer demands, coupled with the on-going digital age, mean that you now simply cannot afford to neglect a culture of customer-centricity.

Hear industry expertise from leaders at IBM, Nationwide and Thomson Reuters!

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Taking place February 18th (2pm Eastern/ 11am Pacific) tune in to discover how your organization can place customer centricity at the heart of its business strategy in 2021:

  • Great Customer Experiences Begin with Great Employee Experiences – Employees must understand how brand vision shapes their organization’s CX goals, and organizations must empower them to apply this vision to their day-to-day activities with the technologies, tools, data insights, and processes they need.
  • Customer Centric Leadership – Learn how your organization can authentically become more customer-centric when it shifts to a corporate culture that prioritizes the needs of its customers and employees as much as its business objectives.
  • The Digital Experience is the Human Experience – The digital experience not only informs our human experience, but it is also inseparable from it. Organizations going through their own digital transformation face intense pressure to get customer experience right. Learn to meet consumer expectations & create customer journeys that engender the affinity and trust that can lead to customer love.

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Speakers include:

  • Jennifer Quinlan, Managing Partner – Enterprise Strategy & Interactive Experience, Americas, IBM
  • Erin Pheister, Vice President Organization Effectiveness, Nationwide
  • Doug Chaulk, Senior Director, Global Legal Premier Support, Thomson Reuters
  • Nicholas Zeisler, Principle & Founder, Zeisler Consulting

I hope you can join us!

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