Artificial Intelligence Firm ASAPP Releases New AI Transcription Service for Call Centres

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ASAPP the AI Cloud company has made a number of announcements recently for its AI services. Today the company announced availability of AutoTranscribe and claims it to be “the most accurate, real-time, speech-to-text transcription service” for call centres.

“ASAPP has a dedicated team of natural language processing (NLP) and speech researchers who are advancing state-of-the art in automatic speech recognition (ASR) and task-oriented dialogue,” said ASAPP Chief Scientist Ryan McDonald who previously spent 15 years at Google in research. “AutoTranscribe is designed to operate in a complex, noisy environment at millisecond speeds with the highest real-time transcription accuracy in the industry. We have a dedicated team of researchers who are 100% focused on building highly accurate and scalable solutions that are specific to the call centre,” added Ryan.

ASAPP, which has raised US $400 million from several notable venture capital firms in Silicon Valley, keeps good company. In academic and industry standard benchmarking through the LibriSpeech test—a speech corpus of 1,000 hours of transcribed audiobooks—it often beats out the major AI companies.

However, it’s the bespoke design of AutoTranscibe for call centres that sets it apart.

“To achieve transformative results, you must be able to transcribe, analyze and act in real-time. Therefore, accuracy and speed are paramount,” said ASAPP Chief Strategy Officer Macario Namie. “To achieve this, the AutoTranscribe automatic speech recognition (ASR) model is trained for each company exclusively on their customer interactions, which represents the distinct language, lexicon, and acoustics of their business.  The results are superior analytics and reporting, precise coaching suggestions, and a meticulous understanding of the voice of the customer,” added Namie.

ASAPP states that AutoTranscribe supports both live call streams and call recordings —plus redaction of personally identifiable information data (PII).

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