Aito Customer Experience Analytics Updated

A new version of Aito CEA 4.6 software has been released.

Aito Technologies, a provider of Customer Experience Analytics (CEA) for Communication Service Providers, today announces a new version of its Customer Experience Analytics software product, Aito CEA 4.6.

Among the major new features are improved business metrics analysis, providing the ability for in-depth analysis based on device capabilities, and enabling efficient SLA management for corporate customers based on dynamic segmentation.

Customer Lifetime Value Analysis

In addition to the revenue and experience analysis already provided by Aito CEA, customers can now be analysed based on their profitability and lifetime value. The feature provides the analysis of costs, revenues and gross margins so operators can easily identify their most valuable customers.

Operators can follow the cost development of its corporate customers and segment their consumer customers based on their lifetime value. This new feature enables operators to clearly see how their gross margins develop and make appropriate actions based on the analysis.

Detailed Device Insight

Device Insight enables users to browse and filter devices by different device capabilities. Supporting over 22000 unique device models, the feature can examine up to 300 different device-based criteria including operating system, camera resolution, memory, screen resolution, default browser and connectivity (HSDPA, 3G, GPRS etc.).

Typical use cases for the Device Insight analysis include:

  • Help customer care to track down problems faced by customers related to certain device models
  • Track the trends of device types used in the network
  • Find bottlenecks for service usage by identifying device limitations.
  • Easily profile customers by device features
  • Building attractive service packages and bundling the most appropriate devices

Advanced SLA Management

Aito CEA will deliver a comprehensive and automated SLA management capability. With the new SLA management features operators can:

  • Get detailed analysis of the service quality, availability and reliability, receive reports automatically and use the analysis
    for reporting and communication with the corporate customers.
  • Easily create and segment groups based on demographics, behavioural factors, qualitative data, geography, etc.
  • Create a wide range of flexible SLA reports. For example, amongst many others, users can create reports based on services, certain device types, locations and their respective service quality.
  • Combine SLA information with other data for automated reporting. For example, by including revenue-based information, users can have a single report to examine the financial impact of certain customer segments in relation to their service levels.
  • Receive reports and notifications based on proactive and predictive criteria. For example, a trigger can be set to run and send a report to a user when there is a change in the service level indicating a particular SLA falling below a predefined threshold.

Anssi Tauriainen, Aito Technologies’ CEO, commented:

“We are continuously developing our CEA product to provide business and operational users across operator organisations with the analysis that they really need and in a format that they can easily use. Operator demand for extensive business metrics-based analysis and comprehensive SLA management has been evident and we have responded by delivering a strong new set of features in Aito CEA.”

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Aito provides Customer Experience Analytics software that changes the way communication service providers understand their customers. Our goal is to help CSPs maximise customer experience and lifetime value by enabling improved business, operations, product, sales, marketing, and customer care performance.

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