Zendesk vs Freshdesk: How to Choose Your Ideal Help Desk Platform?

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We live in a time when customer service is just as important as the products you offer. Eighty-six percent of shoppers are willing to pay a premium for excellent customer service.

Furthermore, by investing in a customer service plan, you can more than double your income in 3 years. Your first investment in customer service should be in dependable customer service and support tools.

This is the best technique for following client discussions across numerous directions in one spot. These virtual products can likewise deal with certain hefty assignments and concerns on account of implicit mechanization.

Freshdesk is extraordinary for basic tasks, yet if you need to extend your business, you need a solution you can depend on now and later. Zendesk, supported by experts, is a powerful, reliable, and scalable solution designed to last and maximize investment income.

Check out the direct comparison to learn why businesses choose between the two customer support platforms.

Zendesk Overview: Features, Pricing, and Pros & Cons

Zendesk was created as a customer support product with extensive experience and dependability. Zendesk is a well-known end-to-end support service that aims to simplify ticketing and improve customer relationships.

In contrast with different options available in the market, the Zendesk stage is very refined, with robust data and detailing highlights, various reconciliations, and great versatility.

Zendesk Features

  • Omnichannel Support

Agents of Zendesk can manage tickets from any source, including help center request forms, email, text chat, cell phones, and social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter using Zendesk.

  • Language Options

Zendesk’s localized administration interface supports more than 40 local languages.

  • Multiple Brands

Zendesk can support up to five brands, and multi-brand plugins can be used to support 300 brands, territories, company regulations, goods, and service levels.

  • Mobility

You can manage your customer support team from home because Zendesk is accessible through smartphones.

  • Audit Log

The audit trail tool in Zendesk can preserve and display numerous modifications to your help desk software, as well as track detailed information.

Zendesk Pricing

Zendesk provides a range of pricing choices to accommodate varying company sizes and budgets, making it appealing to both startups and corporations.

  • Plans for Zendesk support teams begin at $5 per month per agent.
  • The Zendesk Support Suite package begins at $89 per agent each month.
  • Zendesk’s sales plan begins at $19 per month per role.
  • The Zendesk Sales Suite package starts at $79 per seat per month.

Zendesk: Pros & Cons


  • Automation solutions that are quite powerful
  • A fantastic ticketing system.
  • Features that are extensive
  • Limited editions are always free.
  • A platform that is extremely dependable and stable
  • Overall, pretty simple to use.


  • The required features might be supported in a package that overruns your budget.
  • The learning curve is short yet you need additional customizations to hit the ground running.
  • Lacks integration with eCommerce platforms.
  • Pricing packages are overly complicated, especially for first-time end customers.
  • For eCommerce and small organizations, this is not the best ticket management system.
  • The best features are only available at higher price levels.

Closer Look at Freshdesk: Features, Pricing, and Pros & Cons

Freshdesk is a great Zendesk alternative that provides excellent customer service as well as several features at a low cost. Freshdesk is a ticketing framework that can be used to provide stronger and faster solutions with your knowledge base.

Freshdesk is likewise very simple to utilize in light of the fact that to its smooth and natural plan. It is likewise impeccably coordinated with other Freshworks items, making it the ideal answer for the individuals who utilize their items.

Freshdesk Features

  • Ticket management

When a customer requests, team members can work together and effectively form a team to address the request.

  • Dashboards and Views

It enables users to discover their difficulties and to plan by measurement. They can handle the tickets for greater performance in real-time on the dashboard.

  • Customization Feature

Freshdesk lets you manage your workflow, portal, and agent responsibilities, making the portal completely customizable.

  • Self-Service Portal

The portal includes various pre-built solutions to assist clients in resolving their concerns. Customers can use the software’s knowledge base and forums to provide self-service.

  • Supports Multichannel

This functionality allows users to handle supportive communication on a single platform from numerous channels.

Freshdesk Pricing

1.  Sprout Plan: Free Forever Plan

  • Tickets for Email
  • Routing of automatic tickets
  • Knowledge Base Team Collaboration
  • Report on the ticket trend
  • Tickets Social

2.  Blossom Plan: Annual Billing of 15$/agent/month

  • Market application for conflict detection and detailed reporting
  • Management of SLAs Business hours

3.  Garden Plan: Annual Billing of 35$/agent/month

  • Time tracker
  • The base of multilink support
  • Reports of performance
  • Surveys of CSAT
  • Replay session

Freshdesk: Pros & Cons

Strong side

  • Freshdesk has sufficient options to handle the commitment operations collected by the channels selected. The involvement achieved in certain social networks is easy to compare through analytical tables.
  • Freshdesk offers a high level of compatibility with customer relationship management solutions, including sales tasks or communicating with clients via its API.
  • The information of each problem addressed for the purchasers of customers’ goods is easy to preserve, and the information saved on those interactions, if we communicate again, is available to examine their history.

Weak spots

  • Customers may only use traditional ways of online communication to engage with purchasers and cannot use any sort of technologies focused on video call execution.

This may be a serious concern if the client is not sufficiently explicit to meet his needs without a visible support request.

  • Freshdesk is supported by a role-based work structure that provides varying levels of accessibility to different workers; however, this lacks stability since those employees frequently experience difficulty obtaining information or authenticating themselves on the site.
  • Data regarding our client activity, the progression of their managing practices, and the core cause of the problems are tough to create from the Freshdesk website.


As predicted, your budget, company, and demands depend on the proper decision between Zendesk and Freshdesk. To come up with a choice, run a demo of both platforms to see how they perform for your processes. You can use an online CSV import tool to add some records to those platforms automatically instead of manually entering. Once you try Zendesk and Freshdesk in action, it’ll be easier to identify your ideal help desk option.

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