Improving Customer Service via Social Media

Instagram social media

There used to be a time when businesses would fight for expensive billboards in prime locations to get their advertisement to as many people as possible. Those days are long gone!

Although billboards still exist, companies can reach a far larger audience by tapping into the emerging influencer market than they ever could in the physical world. Your customers now expect you to be active on social media, so they can easily reach your customer service representatives through sites like Instagram to get their concerns and complaints resolved.

Benefits and challenges of using social media as a customer support tool

Having an active customer support system on various social media platforms means your customers can reach you directly. Solving your customers’ problems quickly and efficiently will strengthen their trust and gain their loyalty. It also increases the likelihood that your existing customers will recommend your brand to other people and promote your brand through social media shout-outs and reviews.

Remember that a positive word of mouth is essential, as 85% of the people look up online reviews when thinking of buying something. Seeing an endorsement of your product or service on social media will get them to buy from you and not your competitors.

But keep in mind that using social media for customer service also comes with certain challenges. You require more followers on your accounts and pages to stand out. Your customer support representatives have to be trained to respond to everyone’s queries promptly and solve their complaints in an empathetic manner. The idea is to look like a trustworthy brand and be one with helpful people to provide customer service.

When Instagram users are browsing through products, they may send a lot of inquiry messages. Many times, these messages don’t end up in a purchase. Learning how to maneuver through various types messages is essential to make sure you’re answering customers’ inquiries on time and managing your customer relationships in the best way possible.

How can Instagram growth service improve your customer service

A straightforward way to use social media as a customer service tool is to get help with tasks that can take up a large chunk of your time. While you manage the actual brand and provide customer support, an Instagram growth service like SimplyGram can help grow your Instagram account.

Instagram marketing services make your Instagram profile accessible to your customers, so they can reach out for support wherever needed. On top of that, growth services get your posts to reach your target audiences and engage with them on your behalf and a lot more!

Using a professional Instagram growth service is a great way to provide customer service to a targeted audience and eliminate the time-consuming daily tasks. An organic Instagram growth service can give you peace of mind and save you time and energy that you can spend on other essential tasks.


The world of social media works very fast, presenting you with both opportunities and challenges. Your customers want quick solutions to their problems, and social media, if used correctly, can turn this challenge into an opportunity. The good news is that an Instagram growth service like SimplyGram can help you cater to a more extensive customer base and provide quick and better solutions. Getting some help from professional social media marketing services can make a world of difference in how your brand performs overall.

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