Zenarate’s AI Coach Is Transforming Contact Center Performance Through AI Conversation Simulation

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Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Zenarate’s AI Coach is supporting the world’s largest brands to deliver 30-60% KPI lift.

Zenarate, the world’s leading conversation simulation solution, announces its AI Coach is supporting global banks, large BPOs, and leading companies in healthcare, technology, and services industries to develop top-performing customer-facing teams deliver 56% faster Speed to Proficiency, 33% higher CSAT scores, and 32% lower Employee Attrition through AI conversation simulation.

Zenarate’s AI Coach simulates any customer engagement scenario immersing customer-facing team members in real-life conversations while providing real-time coaching. Agents master best and required practices from home or office in a safe environment with their personal AI Coach. When new hires and underperforming tenured agents don’t use the best methods, their AI Coach provides real-time feedback and asks them to try again. Training and contact center leaders receive a Simulation Scorecard certifying agents to take live calls.

Brian Tuite, founder of Zenarate“AI Coach is the first human-centered AI solution focused on helping people perform their best through conversation simulation versus replacing their role,” said Brian Tuite, founder of Zenarate. “Customer-facing jobs are only getting more challenging with automation leaving agents with the toughest problems to solve.  While many software companies are focused on automating customer conversations with chatbots, we are focused on helping agents solve complex problems and deliver superior customer experiences.”

Zenarate employs some of the top minds in NLP and uses the most advanced AI/ML to create life-like conversation simulations.  AI Coach uses Natural Language Processing allowing agents to use their own words without scripting, and Natural Language Understanding generates real-time customer responses simulating a customer on any topic or persona. Zenarate clients report exceptionally high user experience scores with agents citing how realistic and challenging their conversation simulations feel and how their AI Coach improves their confidence.

About Zenarate

Zenarate’s AI Coach helps leading brands develop top-performing customer-facing teams through AI conversation simulation. Zenarate’s AI Coach is used worldwide every day in over a dozen countries, including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Philippines, India, and Europe and supports twelve languages.  Zenarate Customers include 7 of the top 10 U.S. financial institutions, 2 of the top 5 BPOs, and leading companies in the healthcare, technology, and services industries. For more information, visit www.zenarate.com.

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