Webinar: Fuelling Growth in 2022 – Technology, Collaboration, Strategy

Reuters Events webinar

Now, more than ever, collaboration tools and your martech stack will need to truly empower teams.

However, the conversation isn’t just about remote or hybrid, it’s about playing to your strengths, transparency, and ensuring every conversation is driving success.

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Join 1000+ marketing leaders in the free Reuters Event webinar ‘Fuelling Growth in 2022: Technology, Collaboration, Marketing Strategy’ to explore how marketing leaders are addressing post-pandemic challenges like rapid digitization, using technology to drive growth, and the evolving marketing role.

Manage the challenges, leverage the opportunities:

  • Technology & Collaboration Fuel Productivity: With digital transformation a constant and privacy concerns top of mind, chiefs of marketing, brand, information, and digital need to be working in tandem to integrate the martech stack and optimize the marketing journey.
  • Workplace Trends Shaping the Future of Marketing: As we regain traction, marketing leaders must become business leaders and reassess the way they deliver value across the organization. What does that look like for our speakers?
  • Remote, Hybrid, or Full-Time Office: The pandemic put a magnifying glass on the importance of our work environment and its impact on productivity, growth and employee wellbeing. As we enter a post-pandemic world, how will workplaces evolve to meet new employee, client, and organizational demands?

Join our panel of experts:

  • Pearl Servat,  Head of Brand Marketing, Visible
  • Dara Brady,  Director, Marketing & Digital, RyanAir
  • Esther Flammer,  Head of MarketingWrike, Citrix

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