Kore.ai Launches SmartAssist, the World’s First AI-Native End-to-End Contact Center as-a-Service Solution


Built on Kore.ai’s Enterprise-Grade No-code Platform, SmartAssist Accurately Responds to Sophisticated Conversations Across Voice or Digital Channels to Quickly Resolve Customer Issues.

Kore.ai, a top conversational AI software company, today announced the launch of SmartAssist, the world’s first AI-native end-to-end Contact Center as-a-Service [CCaaS] solution. The solution comes integrated with the Agent Assist virtual assistant to help live agents understand past history/context, as well as an intuitive desktop console that enables agents to easily manage conversations.

Long hold and wait times can anger already frustrated customers, creating a poor user experience and negatively impacting customer satisfaction. Further, employing a full staff of live agents on a 24/7 basis is not only costly but also inefficient and prone to errors and increased wait times. Built on Kore.ai’s enterprise-grade no-code conversational AI platform, SmartAssist accurately responds to the most sophisticated conversations across voice or digital channels, automatically escalating conversations to live agents with seamless contextual continuity to move conversations forward towards successful outcomes.

SmartAssist introduces game-changing agent assistance by leveraging a combination of an Agent Assist virtual assistant to help the live agent with past history/context along with an agent desktop console, a one-stop console for the agent to manage the conversation. Available now, SmartAssist is the industry’s first automation-first platform available on-premises or as a service.

“Kore.ai SmartAssist empowers modern day contact centers to deliver an optimized customer and agent experience, efficiently resolving customers issues via voice or digital channels,” said Raj Koneru, Founder and CEO of Kore.ai. “SmartAssist delivers on the promise of an AI-native contact-center that can be deployed quickly and flexibly, while also giving live agents a single workspace for comprehensive AI-powered assistance.”

Key features of Kore.ai SmartAssist include:

  • Automation. SmartAssist automates up to 80% of calls and chats without ever reaching a live agent, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and a superior customer experience. Faster resolution lowers average handling time (AHT) and drives efficiency through the enterprise.
  • Agent Assistance. SmartAssist empowers agents to provide phenomenal customer service with Agent Desktop and AgentAssist, leading to an increase in CSAT, decrease in agent attrition and reduced support costs.
  • Flexibly Deploy and Manage. This AI-native solution is built with flexibility in mind. Based on individual customer needs and preferences, it can be deployed to complement your existing telephony system with just the modules you need or can be deployed as a comprehensive, standalone contact center solution.

Kore.ai SmartAssist is the only Contact Center as-a-Service [CCaaS] solution in the world that is both AI-native and integrates automation and agent assistance components into one complete end-to-end solution. While traditional IVR vendors “bolt on” an AI automation layer on top of legacy IVR systems, Kore.ai SmartAssist uses AI-native technology from the ground up using the company’s unmatched [ML]+2 Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engines.

For more information on Kore.ai SmartAssist, visit https://kore.ai/smartassist.

About Kore.ai

Kore.ai Kore.ai increases the speed of business by automating customer and employee experiences through digital virtual assistants built on its market-leading conversational AI platform. Companies who prioritize customer and employee experiences use Kore.ai’s no-code platform to raise NPS and lower operational costs. The top four banks, top three healthcare businesses in the U.S., and over 100 global 2000 companies have automated a billion interactions since Kore.ai was founded in 2014, and its pre-built industry-specific and functional virtual assistants have made it easier and faster for these top-performing businesses to scale the impact of front office automation. Kore.ai has been recognized as a leader by top analysts and ensures the success of its customers through a very fast-growing team headquartered in Orlando with offices in India, the UK, Japan, and Europe. Visit www.Kore.ai to learn more.

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