Working While Studying: Pros and Cons to Consider

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Working and studying at the same time is not easy. Yet, many students work part-time to support themselves. Others choose to work in order to gain experience in the workplace and familiarize themselves with their industry. Getting a job can also allow students to network and form connections that may later bring valuable opportunities in their path.

Do you want to work and study at the same time? This plan can work well as long as you carefully evaluate the implications.

What are the pros?

Networking and Connections

Working as a student can help you build valuable connections. You will get to know many people and, most importantly, they will get to know you and become aware of your potential. Once you graduate, you can use these connections to find a job close to your career goals. Thus, you’ll avoid that period of confusion that most young graduates experience when they leave the university and face the job market.

An important aspect to keep in mind is that your location matters. Creative, artistic, and tech industries are often concentrated in big urban centers. If you prefer a small university town, you may be able to find a job on campus. Not sure where you want to study? The UK is home to some of the best university cities, where you can get a high-quality education and launch your career simultaneously.

What kind of job could you get as a student? Customer service jobs are an excellent way for students to enter the job market.

Financial Stability

Financial uncertainty can cause high levels of stress, stopping you from giving your best in class. Considering the costs of living plus tuition, insurance, and textbooks, being a student can be stressful. Finding a job is the best way to find the financial stability required to finish your degree with excellent results.

Calculate your expenses carefully. How many hours could you work without this affecting your course attendance? What’s the minimum amount of money that could guarantee you financial stability?

What Are the Cons?

Time Constraints

Working and studying at the same time is like having two jobs with different sets of responsibilities. Naturally, time management can be a real problem in this case. If you study five hours and work five hours, where do you stand compared to someone who studies for ten hours? If top academic performance is a priority for you, working during your studies can be a bad idea. Moreover, you may not be able to give your best in the workplace if you’re stressed about exams and papers.


Many of us underestimate the effects of stress on sleep, habits, health, productivity, and personal life. Working during the day and studying at night may seem like a good plan, but where will you find the time for cooking, exercise, socialization, relaxation, or hobbies? Managing a full schedule day after day can cause a lot of stress, leading to burnout.

Stress management is challenging to master. Some people are naturally more prone to stress and anxiety than others. Before deciding to get a job as a student, consider your stress tolerance.

Achieving your professional goals will take years of effort, so finds a career strategy that works for you.

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