What Is a Flatbed Transportation Service?

Flatbed truck with cargo of tractors

If you are a manager responsible for the shipment of your customers’ orders, you may have come across the term flatbed transportation. In this article we explain exactly what flatbed trucking is and the benefits of using this service.

A flatbed service means using an open trailer to transport cargo. When a huge size cargo is transported, these cargoes will not fit in normal trucks or trailers and they may be difficult to be loaded or unloaded at the dock. A flatbed service allows you to load and unload goods from any angle with the help of cranes and forklifts.

Benefits of flatbed transportation service

Here are some of the advantages of using a flatbed service.

  • Flexible: Flatbed trucks are open. Therefore, it is very easy to load and unload bulky goods. It gives you the freedom to load anything as any oversize goods can easily load here.
  • Variety in transporting material: If you need to transport various types of materials you should choose a flatbed freight transportation service. This service allows the transport of various types of materials in one trip. You can easily transport oversized, oddly sized materials such as construction equipment in flatbed transportation.
  • Does not need a loading dock: Flatbed trucks do not need any loading dock or any specific space for loading or unloading. The transportation company will deliver your goods to any location such as a residential area, or a large construction site.
  • Cargo security: Flatbed trucks are open. Thus, the cargoes are exposed. Companies use coil racks, chains, traps, etc to secure them so that the cargoes do not shift. You will find your goods secure after reaching the destination.

Reasons For Flatbed Trucking is Rising

As mentioned, a flatbed truck helps you to transport oversize products. These products can easily and securely be transported by a flatbed truck. So the demand is becoming higher every day.

There are several reasons for increasing the demand for flatbed trucks.

  • Construction Activity: In the USA, the growth of construction industries is about 4.9%. Therefore, transporting the materials and machinery is very necessary.

A large number of materials such as wood, steel, and other material will easily be transported by flatbed truck. These large size material will not be fit in regular size truck.

  • Steady Consumer Markets: Nowadays, many retailers order a huge amount of products. Because of the large number of products, the normal truck can not transport that amount of goods.
  • Higher Demands For Larger Goods: In modern days, companies transport larger machinery. A larger product means larger transportation is in need to transport the product.

Many online sellers offer free shipping for larger products. So flatbed transport is in demand.

  • Crude Oil Industry: Demand for petroleum oil is increasing day by day. So that means crude oil is increasing day by day.

The companies need to transport huge oil containers and drums. So the use a flatbed transport system in this industry is rising.

There is some things that you should keep in your mind before choosing a flatbed cargo. They are:

  • Understand the different kinds of flatbed trailers.
  • The procedure of Loading and Unloading.
  • Details of pickup and delivery.
  • Height and weight restriction of the products.
  • Capacity limitation of the cargo and additional trailer if needed.
  • Safety procedure of transporting process. 

Reasons Why Shipping Cost Rising 

There are a few reasons behind the shipping cost is rising all over the world. After the pandemic situation, some restrictions vary from country to country. These restrictions also add some additional costs to shipping.

Here are some reasons why shipping cost is rising.

  • Continue global imbalance.
  • Port congestion and closures.
  • Reduced blank sailings can facilitate the ease of capacity constraints.
  • An unbalanced recovery throughout 2021.
  • Few alternatives of ocean freight. 
Heavy duty flatbed trailer

Freight Shipping

Freight shipping is the transportation of shipments of products domestically or across the globe via air, land, or sea. The merchandise is loaded on a pallet or into large, durable containers and transported by one or additional modes of transportation.

Benefits of Freight Shipping:

Freight Shipping is a safe and effective way for getting goods on time. There are some benefits of freight shipping.

  • Secure Shipping: Everybody wants their goods to be reached safely at the destination. It is very important for online shopping. Freight shipping providers ensure that products reach safely and on time.
  • Shipping costs reduced: By using freight shipping, you can save some money. Freight shipping is cost-efficient. Thus, your shipment cost is reduced, and your profit increases.
  • On-time delivery: You can relax when you use freight shipping for transporting your products. Freight shipping companies ensure that their vehicles reach the final destination on time.

There is a huge variety of freight shipping. You can select the mode to transport your products according to your time slot.

Factors that determine the shipping cost 

The price varies on different factors when you use freight shipping. There are a few things you ought to consider:

  • Method of Shipping: The price depends on which freight mode you are using to transport your products. If you use air shipping mode there will be an additional charge.
  • Distance between origin and destination: More distance between the shipping origin and shipping destination, the higher is the charge. So, international shipping costs more than domestic shipping.
  • Product size and weight: Higher size products mean taking a larger place for shipping. Weight also increases. So it will cost you more.
  • Special Treatment: Some products need special handling and treatment while loading, shipment, and unloading. These products will incur an extra charge.

Expedited shipping 

Expedited shipping is the method of shipping freight that ensures goods arrive faster than regular transit.

Expedited shipping moves the products directly from the pick-up point to the delivery point.

For the first delivery, the trucks rarely stop on the road.

Expedited Shipping vs Standard Shipping:

Standard shipping is the cheapest way to transport products. In USA standard shipping usually means it will take five to seven days to receive your products. Normally, online sellers do not charge or charge a very little amount for the delivery.

In expedited shipping, you will get the products in the very next day or within a maximum of three days. Time depends on the distance.

Online sellers will charge you if you choose the expedited shipping method. Thus, we recommend if not urgent, choosing a standard shipping method is good for you.

There is a variety of shipping methods and processes to transport your products. Choose the method according to product size, weight, and time. If you have any confusion, you can always ask for professional opinions.

FAQ Summary

1. What do I need to know about flatbed trucking?

Answer: Flatbed trucking is the system in which you can carry oversized or odd-sized products. They are very heavy and can not be transported by regular truck.

2. How hard is driving a flatbed truck?

Answer: Driving a flatbed truck is hard when it is loaded. The driver must be conscious of the cargo size and speed of the truck.

3. What pays more to drive, dry or flatbed trucks?

Answer: A flatbed truck driver earns about $13000 yearly more than a dry truck driver. This is because the risk is higher when you drive a flatbed truck.

4. What does a flatbed truck carry?

Answer: Building and construction materials, oil containers, etc are transported by a flatbed truck.

5. What is the maximum weight of the load for a flatbed truck?

Answer: The maximum weight is 48000 lbs for a flatbed truck to transport.

6. What is the size of a flatbed truck?

Answer: Usually the dimension of a flatbed truck is 48*8.5*8.5 feet               (length/wide/height)

7. How much does a flatbed truck cost?

Answer: Depending on region and market condition a flatbed truck costs between $2.70 to $3.30 per mile.

We hope you have enjoyed this guide to flatbed transportation and that you have found it useful.

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