Top Rated Irish Slots for Customer Experience In 2021

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The online casino customer experience has been getting a lot of attention in the gambling industry. But is anyone using it to its full potential?

Anyone who goes to an ordinary casino understands that the main task of casino managers is to make customers happy. But not everyone wants to go to a casino and play. Moreover, some people do not want to leave their homes at all – they want to stay at home and play in an online casino. It’s no less exciting to win an online game than it is to win in a real casino – this is proven by the number of users who prefer to gamble online.

Depending on someone’s likes, one can find thousands of online betting games. Some games provide the best gambling experience, some are more video-focused, and some value money. But, the fun, excitement, and thrill Irish slots can bring, no other game has that charm!

It’s all about the player experience. The betting site that provides more games such as slots, gives the flavour and feel of casinos and great customer service, will attract the most players. Here, we have reviewed some of the best games that are top-rated for players of Irish slots.

Criteria To Select Top Rated Online Gaming Sites

There are multiple factors to consider before giving a game top ranking. Users must understand and review the sites themselves to get a clear idea of what they are playing and what the benefits are. Here are some guidelines:

  • Always look for licenses and guidelines provided by an online betting platform. It ensures your money will be put in the right place and confirms you will get returns upon winning.
  • Almost every site offers bonuses and rewards for newcomers. Go with the site that provides bonuses.
  • Look for several games that a particular site offer; if there is not much variety, then there is a chance you will lose interest.
  • Read reviews and ratings; it will give you a view about how fairly a specific site plays
  • The most crucial point to consider is always going with the site that offers higher payout percentages.
  • In case of any inconvenience, customer service helps with a problem and keeps customer service in mind.
  • Last but not least, go with the site, which has an appreciable user-friendly and pleasing interface.

Top-Rated Slots In Ireland To Play In 2021

Now let’s look at top-rated Irish slots to play in 2021.

1. Finn and the Swirly Spin

Undoubtedly, Finn and the swirly spin is a fun, Irish-themed slot; it’s different from typical slots in a way that involves moving symbols over a stone swirl. The gameplay involves aligning the same symbols vertically or horizontally and earning points. Some of its highlights are:

  • High RTP ratio of 96.62 per cent.
  • Rich and colourful graphics.
  • Good and soothing background music.
  • Unconventional gameplay.

2. Racetrack Riches Mega board

It’s five-reel slot fame; you can get bonuses by winning a track race; take care of getting caught and win a maximum number of bonuses. A few distinct features are as under:

  • Inclusion of leprechauns
  • High risk and high reward game
  • Thrilling and exciting gameplay.
  • Vibrant graphics with a good soundtrack.
  • Return to player ratio of 95.96 per cent.

3. Luck O’ The Irish Fortune Spins

It’s a classic and typical Irish slot; luck is an essential factor here, as its name. You can spin, and up to 10 play lines remain active. The betting amount limits may vary, but it also provides enough room and flexibility for all budget players to play and enjoy the actual classic Irish experience. Here are some silent features of this game.

  • Classical and typical Irish experience.
  • Luck based game
  • RTP ratio of about 95.05 per cent.


Although online casinos have their own drawbacks and disadvantages, there are still some good ones. In online slots, customer service is the process of identifying and solving problems with products or services. The best customer support is live and prompt. However, you can also ask random questions through email. Depending on the issue, you can ask a live chat representative for assistance, while email is an option for less urgent issues. In most cases, the casino manager will resolve your concerns. Online casinos are a great source of entertainment, especially for those who don’t have time to visit a real casino.

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