Building Your Brand: Why Personalisation Is Key

In a world where automated emails are deleted without a second thought and more and more businesses are opening their doors every day, you need to stand out if you want to get noticed. You can do this through personalisation, which not only includes the personal experience you give your customers, but also how you present your brand.

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Chances are that if you’re out and about, you want to advertise your brand through banners and flyers where you can. However, don’t stop there, according to customer surveys: “customer expectation is starting to transcend marketing, consumers want to be engaged and feel part of your brand; consumers what to know what you are designing products with them front of mind.”

So with this in mind, you need to start letting customers in for the personal experience. Offer customers the chance to enjoy bespoke services and products and you’ll make a name for yourself, as more and more of us look for personalisation in a world of instant gratification and bulk.

Facebook is too large a platform for brands to ignore now, with over 1.86 billion monthly active Facebook users worldwide, and with affordable options for advertisement. You can’t put up any old advert though; it needs to be personal to the users who are going to see it. According to Brandalism you can use Facebook’s promotional tools to be able to target base your posts on a variety of metrics that include: age, location, gender and even what someone’s likes and interests are.

Having this ability to target people who might actually have an interest in what you’re doing, means you can create more personalised content and hopefully turn it into business. This tool is also available for other broadly used sites such as Instagram and Twitter.

Another option you can use to get your brand name out there is through branded clothing. Not only does it ensure you and your staff maintain a professional appearance at all times, custom t-shirts and sweatshirts featuring your logo are an excellent way to build brand awareness.

Without really knowing, the people who will have seen you around may remember your company when they come to look for that exact service. You’re essentially a walking advertisement if you’re wearing your brand name, so ensure you are careful about present yourself as well. American Express is a good example of a brand that is a keen ambassador of branded clothing as it believes it makes them stand out at events, where other business people are wearing suits.

Personalisation if key to any business building their brand and can also be extended beyond your workwear and advertising, take on some of these points and enjoy more interaction from prospective and returning customers in the future.

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