Top 5 Qualities to Look for When Hiring Dental Accountants

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The simplest and most effective approach for a dentist to assess how good their practice is doing is to hire a dental accountant.

A good dental accountant will be your most trusted financial advisor, helping establish your practice’s financial health. They will also be organised, detail-oriented and client-oriented to help you create the best financial plan for your business. They will also provide excellent customer service and support.

Qualified dental accountants like Hive Business will give you the resources you need to manage your practice successfully and effectively, increasing its profitability and reducing your stress levels.

Qualities Your Dental Accountant Must Possess


Your dental accountant will manage a lot of sensitive data that needs to be kept private, not just for the sake of your business but also because you have a duty of confidentiality to your patients to keep all of their records, including account balances, private.


A qualified dental accountant will be familiar with general bookkeeping and accounting fundamentals and the specific bookkeeping and accounting procedures used in the dentistry business. In addition, they will know which of those is best for dentists.

One of the most crucial ways we assist dental practices in achieving their business objectives, for instance, is by balancing bank accounts using the most recent accounting software.

The way businesses operate, including yours, has developed because of technological advancements. And a competent dental accountant will adapt to these changes by attending seminars and conferences to learn about these accounting developments.

In addition, they’ll better handle your finances and be able to advise you on your changing business plan if they keep you informed.

Organised and Structured

A company’s success is strongly associated with accurate reporting, and a strong organisation is the foundation of this relationship.

Your dental accountant should have a well-oiled system for analysing data, creating reports, keeping files, and organising paperwork. Their labour becomes more effective thanks to the structure. In addition, this gives them time to learn more about practical financial strategies and conduct a more in-depth analysis.

Detail Orientation

“Everything is important. Success is in the details,” Steve Jobs reportedly remarked. But, of course, he was correct, too!

Since they will work with the numbers to make significant financial decisions, your dental accountant must be detail-oriented. A single dropped comma, missed period, or mistaken 0 for an 8 could skew a decision and seriously harm your practice.

When a dentist is familiar with his patients, they may quickly find out whether a chipped tooth was from a fall, a hard candy, or a hockey match.

Client Oriented

A “good” dental accountant and the “best” dental accountant differ in how they see client relations and customer service.

Being knowledgeable, or well-organised, is insufficient. Therefore, besides maintaining a professional demeanour, your dental accountant should be eager to go above and beyond to assist you in putting up a sound financial plan for your company.


Many dental offices frequently employ the first accounting firm they come across. However, it could seriously harm your company if you don’t take extra care in your vetting procedure. As a result, looking for a dental accountant with these attributes always pays off.

Hiring the ideal dental accountant for your practice requires careful thought. You must ensure that your accountant has the qualities mentioned above and can manage your company’s specific requirements and develop them together with you.

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