How You Can Track Employee Hours

Employee using time tracking software

Businesses right now are becoming more strict about how employees are spending their working hours. In this article, you’ll get to know how you can track your employees’ hours and understand how they spend their time. You’ll also learn more more about an awesome tool “Sharepoint time tracking”.

There was a time when businesses would be able to trust employees that they are spending their hours doing work. You can just imagine how much loss a company would incur if all of these employees would not work all the required hours. This is particularly important when large corporations have employees that are paid high salaries.

Keeping track of how employees are using their time work will definitely be useful for your organization.

There are many ways that companies can do hourly tracking. What if you need to pay employees per hour? The right employee tracking device or software will help.

Why You Should Keep Track of Employee Hours

Tracking employee hours is always going to be important if you are paying an hourly rate. If you do not do it, you have no way of knowing how much your employees are supposed to get paid. Of course, if you are paying them a fixed rate, then this will not be an issue.

Knowing the time that employees spend working will also help you plan their workload. It will allow you to know how many employees are needed to work on one project. It will help you to decide on staffing levels more easily. The most important reason is that it will allow you to increase how productive your employees are.

Although you want your employees to feel that you trust them, you would also like them to be responsible and honest. These qualities transcend more than just the time they render but other aspects of their work as well. Tracking their work hours will allow you to see if they spend their time on the right tasks and put in the effort to produce quality results.

Another reason you should track team member hours is to recognize those who show up every day and put in much effort. Employees who are diligent and hardworking should be recognized. This way, they can serve as role models to others.

Ways to Track Your Employee Hours

As mentioned earlier, there are different ways that you can track the hours that your employees spend working. For example, if you do not want to use high-end tracking software, you can use pen and paper. This means that you will ask your employees to manually record their log-in and log-out times. There is just one problem with this: it will be easy to manipulate the data that will be recorded. It is therefore recommended that you use something that cannot be doctored.

Modern time tracking today ensures accuracy and efficiency. Since everything is automated, you don’t even have to spend labor hours assigning tracking to one person.

Use a Time Clock Software

You can use an employee tracking device or software to boost productivity and efficiency, focusing more on core human resources and other business operational activities. Look for a solution that allows customization to adapt to your business processes.

The software should be user-friendly and easy for employees and administrators. Ensure the time tracking system is compatible with your existing systems, such as payroll, HR, or project management tools. Integration capabilities can save time and reduce the risk of errors.

Identify the specific features you need. Common features include clock-in/clock-out capabilities, manual time entry, mobile accessibility, GPS tracking, overtime calculation, and reporting functionalities. If your organization is likely to grow in the future, the software should be able to accommodate an increasing number of users and data.

There are some time clock software types that can be installed on the desktop of the employees. They can log in at the moment that they turn on their desktop. When they log out the moment that they leave the office it will be recorded.

You may also have some stations available in the office where employees can enter their time in and time out data. Setting this up is going to be easy. You may assign different ID numbers to your employees for easier tracking.

Use a Mobile App

Let us say that you want to use something that is not too complicated. The right mobile app will make a huge difference. You can set it up in a way whereby employees will be able to monitor the hours that they are spending on their work.

Today, there are many apps you can consider for this important task. But to give you a better idea, you can check a review of the best time clock kiosk apps so, you can assess which one suits your needs.

This can be very effective for those who monitor the hours for every project that they do. This can also be effective for freelancers who are working for different companies. They can send in data regarding the hours that they have spent. This way, their managers know how much they are supposed to get paid. You can use something like the Sharepoint time tracking app.

GPS Tracking

Do you have employees that need to move from one site to another? This should not be a problem with the use of GPS tracking. The GPS will provide details of where the employee is currently at. It will give you an idea of whether the employee is within the place where he or she is supposed to be working.

You will also know how much time the employee has spent in one area. This will let you know how many hours the person spent doing one task. Geofencing is also another option that you can check out that will serve the same purpose.

Take note that for this to work, the employee should have the right smartphone. There are some phones that may allow GPS tracking but will not be too accurate. This is something that you can look into when deciding on the right employee tracking device or software to use.

Use Biometrics

This used to be something that could only be done in the movies. However, over the past years more and more companies have started to use it. Because of this, it will be harder for people to fake the data that they report

There are some people who use their fingerprints so that they can record their time in and time out. Some even use their face so that they can be logged in using face recognition software. This is a more advanced way of tracking employee hours. You may want to consider this if you have a larger budget. Companies are increasingly turning to this technology because they can easily track employee hours.

Before adopting this technology, employers must ensure that employees are fully informed about using biometrics for time tracking and obtain explicit consent. Communicate how the biometric data will be used, stored, and protected. It’s important to have alternative time-tracking methods in case of technical failures or issues with the biometric system. This could include manual attendance logs or backup devices.

Ensure that the chosen biometric system is scalable to accommodate the current workforce and potential growth in the future. Integrate the biometric time tracking system with the payroll system to streamline the processing of attendance data and minimize errors.


The world is rapidly changing, and companies must adapt to the changing times to stay current. Tracking team member hours may seem small, but it has a more significant impact on the organization as a whole. Team member productivity, satisfaction, and morale are all affected by this.

You should use the type of tool that meets your company’s needs. You want something that will also work best for your employees. Do not forget to do plenty of research before deciding which tool to use. Regardless of what type of employee time tracking you choose, you can be sure it will be very helpful. Start tracking employee hours effectively now.

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