Tips for Providing Exceptional Law Firm Client Service

Lawyer shaking hands with client

The key to success in the business world is sales, and you can get return sales from loyal customers who trust your brand by making sure their customer experience is a pleasant one. Even in the realm of legal protection, the business side of it entails ensuring quality customer experience.

People want a stress-free experience from services they pay for. This is a universal need. Whether they’re availing of an AirBnB or Uber Eats, they want to be pampered with or given excellent service. With law firms, attorneys should also build relationships.

Customer Service Tips to Help Law Firms Win Over Clients

Whether you’re one of many Criminal Defense Lawyers Orlando or from a prosecuting attorney law firm, you should be aware of the following customer service tips.

1. Attorneys Don’t Only Provide Legal Services

Lawyers (any licensed practitioner of law) and attorneys (lawyers practicing at the court) should pay attention to how they treat their clients. They should be treated with respect and they should all be on the same page when it comes to dealing with whatever it is they’re dealing.

To be more specific, the attorney should build a relationship with the client instead of merely being a provider of legal services in order to ensure retention of their services in the future. This is especially true of many of their well-to-do clientele who can afford to move on to other law firms.

2. Establishing What Legal Customer Service Entails

To survive in a highly competitive legal marketplace, the delivery of exceptional customer service is a must. However, that’s obviously easier said than done. What is quality customer service in terms of legal services? How can it assist in creating loyalty to the point of growing your law practice?

You should also apply marketing to your practice that goes beyond just making a commercial played in your local TV stations or banner ads that pop up in certain Google searches. Establishing a lasting relationship with the customer involves trust and keeping the customer informed.

3. Do Not Leave the Customer High-and-Dry and Keep Them Informed

A surefire way to have a customer fire you as an attorney or compel him to represent himself in court instead of having to deal with you is your attitude. The public already have a deep-seated mistrust with lawyers from pop culture to bar-room anecdotes.

Don’t feed their confirmation bias by copping an attitude! One way to open your client up to you is to brief them in layman’s terms of what’s needed to be done, what paperwork requires making, and how much it will cost them down the line, from expungement to paying land taxes for property inheritance.

4. Keep Them Regularly Updated with the Status of Their Case

The wheels of justice may grind slow but they’re moving. Justice might be blind but that means everyone is equal in the blind eyes of the law. Reassure that your client’s case is being worked on by being accessible and responsive. Give the client regular updates and respond to any questions.

Be patient with your clientele because they haven’t undergone the aggressive training and studying you’ve gone through in order to keep yourself abreast with the latest cases and applications of the law. Respond to emails, phone calls, and so forth to make your clients feel like they’re top priority.

Include contact info in your calling card, such as your email address and website with a contact page.

More Things You Should Notice

When you get into a contract with a business, there’s an implicit and unsaid rule that the customer must be fairly satisfied with what they get as per their expectations. The customer is “always right” as long as they’re not abusive about it. The business shouldn’t be abusive in turn.

A client has the right to an attorney, but clients who could afford the best attorneys will pick lawyers or law firms with the best customer experience. Avoid becoming abusive to your customers and give them what they want so they’ll be the ones seeking new customers for you!

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