Defining Productivity in Customer Service: The 5 Most Important Values of Customer Service

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Productivity requires a thorough understanding of its definition and context. Therefore, productivity will mean different things to different people.

When it comes to customer service, productivity is all about values. For many jobs, productivity is about accomplishing a certain number of goals or tasks in a specific timeframe.

Customer service professionals need to ensure they adhere to the most critical customer service values to be successful and productive.

These values will vary according to who is stating them. However, you will find the five values below among almost everyone’s list of customer service values:


One of the most significant issues consumers often have with customer service is that they don’t feel someone cares. As a customer service professional or department, you have to show clients empathy and genuinely care about helping them.

Faking empathy will not work in the long run, so genuine concern is the only option.

Empathizing with customers and going the extra mile to solve their problems will make you more productive as a customer service professional or department. You will accomplish your goals and leave customers satisfied though it might take more time than they want.


Although customers are an essential part of the business, dealing with them can be quite cumbersome. A core value of customer service is to be patient with customers. Of course, they want an issue resolved as fast as possible; we all do.

However, some problems are difficult to resolve, and being patient with customers will not only keep them calm but allow you to do your customer service job.

For example, there may be a timing issue with an employee that a company wants to resolve as quickly as possible

Installing time card applications may be the best way to ensure accurate time logs by employees. However, they may want a more immediate response. Patience is the way to ensure you thoroughly listen to customers, understand the issue, and work with them to resolve it.


Just as with anything else in life, you should be relentless in your pursuit if you want to accomplish a goal. As a customer service professional, you will want to be as persistent as possible to have happy customers.

You have to remain strong in the face of serious challenges to retain customers. There are tough customer service jobs, but you need to work towards a solution until you can find one.


Everyone loves working with someone passionate about what they do. It is infectious and leaves you inspired, so as a customer service professional, you should be passionate about having happy and satisfied customers. They should hear it in your voice or see how much you want to help them in your face.

It would be best if you were also passionate about learning all you need to help your clients. If they call you about a technical issue, be happy about the challenge as it is a learning opportunity. Passion is undoubtedly a core value of customer service.


Delivering excellent customer service is a matter of eternal vigilance. You need to ensure that you are constantly improving if you want to have happy and satisfied customers.

As a customer service professional, you will have talks with numerous customers every day. Ask them for feedback as well as ways to improve your skills and apply them.

Customers are constantly changing, and so are what they need from customer service. You should continually look for ways to improve how you offer customer service. It is especially so as it relates to connecting with customers personally.

Always accepting criticism and a willingness to improve is a value that will enhance customer service.

In conclusion, customer service is a vital department for a business and job for employees. It will determine the fate of a business. The above are five core values of customer service. If you can implement them in your business, it will improve drastically.

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