Moments of Truth for Veterinary Practice Customer Service

Diederik Gelderman offers a framework for successful customer service in a veterinary practice.

Top 5 Ways of Dealing with an Angry Customer

By staying calm, you may be able to satisfy even an upset customer. Even if you don’t, you can maintain your professionalism.

25 Customer Service Buzzwords Everyone Should Know

Love them or loathe them, here are some of my favorite customer service buzzwords for you to use and enjoy.

20 Essential Customer Service Skills

At the heart of great customer service is the way we interact with our customers. It will come as no surprise to hear that we don’t always get those interactions right. In my opinion, what we need is a distinct skill set that can be applied consistently throughout the service industry.

Customer Respect: Resolve Customer Service Complaints Quickly thumbnail

Do you ever stop to think about how much time people spend on the phone making calls to complain about bad customer service? A recent article in The Street pointed out that, on average, adults in the U.S. spend about 364 minutes every year placing calls to report complaints..

Using Games to Create a Better Customer Experience

Read about the latest trend of customer service “gamification”.

Instilling a Customer Service Culture

Creating a culture of service within your organization is vital..

How To Analyze Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is the one thing that gives a business a clearer view of how it is doing. Learn how to analyze customer feedback in this article.

Should I Fire the Customer?

Is it ever appropriate for a business to “fire” a customer?

Focus on the Customer, Not the Money

Striving to take your business to the next level of success? Perhaps it’s time to refocus. Stop worrying so much about the sale, and just take care of the customer.

The Value of Customer Loyalty

Customer acquisition and development is a costly business. In this article we look at the true value of customer loyalty.

How to Handle Client Complaints

“The Customer is Always Right” was once a standard policy . In these difficult times, can we turn back the clock?

Customer Service Phone Tips

Making a good impression on the telephone phone is not that difficult. Here are 7 customer service phone tips to help you succeed.

Providing “C” Level Service Is Easy

Creating “C” Level Customer Service is knowing what the “C”s are and what each means to the Customer.

8 Tips for Fantastic First Impressions

Here are some tips on how to make a great first impression with your customers. Having spent three months searching for a company that could actually deliver on the product I was searching for, I finally secured an interview with the account manager of a large international company. On the day of the meeting, I [...]

Klaas van der Leest, MD, Intelecom says it’s time to connect CCaas and WFO to create the perfect customer experience.

How to Provide an Outstanding Customer Service Experience

The world is changing and so is the way we, as business owners, interact with our customers. Now, more than ever, providing outstanding customer service involves providing a total experience.

Customer Service Guidelines for Suppliers and Contractors

Creating alignment between your customers needs and employees and suppliers is critical for a successful customer service strategy.

Examples of Poor Customer Service

Bad customer experiences are not hard to find these days. The key to success is to identify and correct poor service before it’s too late. Check out these poor customer service examples.