New Era of Telephone Payments: SOTpay Shakes Up the Industry as IVR and DTMF Hang Up

SOTpay AI telephone payments

Gala Technology, the trailblazer in payment solutions, is thrilled to reintroduce SOTpay, an innovative technology set to revolutionise telephone payments.

By harnessing authentication data, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) to scrutinise payment card transactions and distinguish legitimate ones from suspicious activities, SOTpay heralds a new era of secure and seamless transactions.

The need for heightened security in card-not-present transactions has gained significant recognition among compliance officers. Consequently, the industry is progressively adopting digital pay-by-link technology. Powered by AI, this ingenious approach enhances security while ensuring a seamless customer experience. Businesses are bidding farewell to the traditional Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Dual-tone Multi-frequency (DTMF) systems, embracing the more secure digital pay-by-link technology for payment processing.

SOTpay, crafted with versatility in mind, extends beyond credit card payments and Open Banking transactions. It accommodates various communication channels, including email, SMS, live chat, WhatsApp, and social media, thereby enabling businesses to accept payments from a wider customer base and maximise revenue opportunities.

With prices starting from just £19.99 per month, SOTpay offers extraordinary flexibility and convenience accessible to businesses of all sizes, ensuring that the benefits are not a financial burden. The advantages of SOTpay extend beyond enhanced security and versatility. Lower transaction fees and the elimination of fraud-related chargeback risks enable businesses to achieve substantial cost savings, empowering them to optimise profitability and streamline operations. SOTpay can also be powered by QR codes for in-person transactions, eliminating the need for traditional desktop card machines.

One standout feature of SOTpay is the agent’s ability to monitor the payment journey from start to finish, setting it apart from other pay-by-link technologies.

Gala Technology recently announced seamless integrations with leading accounting platforms Xero and QuickBooks. This integration further enhances the payment journey, providing businesses with a robust solution to manage payments, invoices, and financial data. Consequently, efficiency and accuracy in reconciliation are significantly improved.

Jason Mace, the multi-award-winning CEO of Gala Technology, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “At Gala Technology, we are thrilled to offer SOTpay as a groundbreaking solution for phone payments. By integrating AI security, seamless integration of credit card and Open Banking payments, and the potential for significant cost savings, SOTpay empowers businesses to embrace the future of transactions with unwavering confidence.”

SOTpay ensures PCI DSS compliance and provides a fully secure platform, safeguarding sensitive customer data throughout the agent-attended or unattended payment journey. It enables secure payments without exposing sensitive credit card information within the work environment, thereby enhancing security and alleviating concerns about compliance and data breaches.

The groundbreaking features of SOTpay have garnered accolades within the payment industry, resulting in numerous prestigious awards for Gala Technology. The platform’s robust security measures, seamless integration capabilities, and unwavering commitment to compliance have garnered widespread recognition.

As the payment industry continues to evolve, Gala Technology remains at the forefront of innovation, spearheading the transformation of transactions. By leveraging AI-driven security, Open Banking, and a steadfast dedication to compliance, Gala Technology is revolutionising the way businesses handle payments.

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Gala Technology is a leading innovator in payment solutions, specializing in secure and compliant transactions. With a commitment to delivering state-of-the-art technologies, Gala Technology aims to simplify payment processes, enhance security, and provide seamless customer experiences. Their flagship solution, SOTpay, represents the future of transactions, leveraging advanced AI and innovative technologies.

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