Management: This Article Is about You

Management team

Your department is exactly what you expected. It has performed to every level that you have asked it to. There are no surprises in the outcome, because you have already put in place all the factors for the result.


I’m speaking to the person in charge. That would be you.

Not happy with the way your reps are talking to customers? Who hired them? Trained them? Placed them in the department? It’s not as if the person wandered in off the street and suddenly they started working there.

You wrote an ad describing the position and soliciting the person whom you thought would fit the profile, placed the ad, screened the resumes, interviewed the applicants, tested them, trained them and then placed them exactly where you wanted them in the department.


Not happy with the sales performance?

You understand the product, where it can be used, how it benefits the customer or the person you are serving, how it will affect your customer’s life, company or performance, where it is positioned in the marketplace, why it is positioned there, what influences your sales and where you can make improvements.


Training issues got you down?

You know exactly what training is required, how many times a person needs to be trained on something (it’s 6 ), who is the best person to conduct the training, when is the best time to complete the training, where it needs to be done, what follow up training will be required and how much mentoring will be required to complete the training process.


Individual performances not up to standards?

You know the difference between proactive counselling and reactive, know when to counsel and when to coach, know when to make a change and when you can keep someone, and what it means to “supervise without remorse.”


People in your employ don’t know the mission statement from a fast food menu?

You wrote a mission statement with the employees help, asked for their input, and even if they were hired in with one in place you yearly ask for their insight and recommendations for making changes, you asked all your employees to write their own personal mission statement, you have shared to vision for the future with them and asked for their help in making it happen.


Next time you start feeling unhappy about what is going on around you and your department, remember, it all starts with you.

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Leonard Buchholz leads seminars in Customer Service, Attitude and Skills and Management. He also provides coaching and consulting in Customer Service.

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