Keeping People at The Heart of Expansion

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Are you looking to expand your business into another country, region, or territory? If you are considering expansion, it helps to consider that people are at the heart of contact centers.

With this in mind, let’s explore some of the key things to consider when expanding.

Onboard New Employees

Streamline onboarding. In many businesses such as hospitality and customer service centers, onboarding is a non-stop process. Many HR directors and managers struggle with how to keep energy and enthusiasm high with the demands of constant interviewing, hiring, and onboarding.

Global employment solutions may help you manage the complexity without excess stress or worry. Ideally, employees would be able to move quickly and easily from interview to offer to work. If you are noticing that this process is challenging, difficult, or sluggish, consider the headaches you would save by outsourcing this process.

Manage Time and Attendance

If you are working in multiple national locations, or if your top talent lives and works in a foreign country, you may be experiencing the pains of remote management. To reduce the stress out of managing and monitoring remote workers, you may find that a global service offers tremendous value.

Instead of worrying about how to manage time, you can rely on a local provider to monitor practices. Rather than losing sleep over attendance or performance, your local provider can give you informed reports.

Grow Your HR Capability

Are you looking to expand your team, without stress? A global outsourcing firm may help you extend the reach of your HR team. Just imagine having all the payroll, benefits, tax, and compliance requirements for new employees handled for you. You’ll be able to focus on supporting your people and engaging employees.

As every call center manager knows, your business depends on your people. When your time is freed from handling the demands of global employment, you can focus on doing what you love most: engaging your employees.

While we often look for ways to manage the daily challenges, isn’t it wiser to reflect on how to manage the big picture? With a vision of growing your HR capability, it makes sense to engage a global employment partner. You’ll be able to dedicate your attention, awareness, and time to proactive solutions for your staff.

When you do this, you are likely to experience a renewed sense of energy, vitality, and enthusiasm for your work. After all, you didn’t get interested in human resources to be chained to paperwork, emails, and drudgery. Think about why you entered this exciting field in the first place. Most likely, it was because you had a passion for being of service, helping people, and promoting learning and development.

While you’re exploring your core passion for HR, talk with your managers and team. Engage your core staff in a similar exploration. Discover why your staff decided to get into human resources. This investigation can inspire your team to collaborate, grow, and expand with a renewed sense of purpose.

Seamlessly Handle Transitions

When you’re working with remote workers, you may be familiar with the many and varied types of transitions. You will likely encounter several transitional situations which can be extremely difficult to manage at a distance. Consider the amount of energy, time, and resources you’ll invest if you try to manage these effectively, from afar.

With Remote Teams: If you are working on a project basis or hiring top talent for remote teams, you may not have access to the people who are best suited for your project. By working with a global outsourcer, you can find the best talent for your projects—and continue supporting independent remote working conditions.

Through Independent Contractors: If you’re working with independent contractors, you are familiar with some of the complex compliance issues. Your company needs to be on the lookout to make sure that you are compliant with local regulations regarding independent contractors.

Setting Up a Foreign Entity: If you are seeking to expand in a foreign country, but haven’t gone through all the red tape yet—working with a global outsourcer can be very useful.

Flexibility and Functionality

As you value people at the heart of expansion and growth, look for a global provider who is ready to collaborate. You’ll find that with the spirit of collaboration, you’ll be able to work together to solve issues, grow, change, and evolve for ongoing success.

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