Customer Service Training

Ongoing development of key skills is essential for anyone who aims to provide great customer service.

Customer service training

Initial customer service training should establish the basic rules of communicating:

– in writing
– face to face
– over the telephone
– by email
– online

More advanced training could include:

– Defining good customer service
– Roles in customer service
– Advanced listening and responding skills
– Building rapport and relationships with customers
– Customer perception
– Internal Vs External customers
– Dealing with difficult customers
– Handling customer complaints

Some ideas for telephone training:

– Projecting a professional image and voice skills
– How to use the phone to influence
– Call planning and follow up
– Listening techniques
– Questioning and summarizing skills
– How to re-direct calls
– Time management on the telephone
– Recovery strategies for when the call does not go as planned

In addition to providing your own in-house training, there are many professional training companies that can provide off the shelf or customized training for your organization.

The bottom line is customer service training is very important!

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