How to Write to Customers

CSR Writing to customer

As a customer service representative, you need a lot of patience to deal with the huge amount of responses you send each day.

Every response you send matters because your email has an impact on how the customer views your company. Simply writing an email without giving it a second thought does not work. You must pay attention to some golden rules when corresponding with your customers.

Get the Names Right

Check and double-check whether you have used the correct name and that you have spelled it right. Don’t assume you remember how to spell your customers name; always check your records as well as their email signature. If you realize after you have sent your response that you have messed up, always send an apology. Not only is it the right thing to do, you’ll regain your credibility and get to be known as a professional with integrity.

Personalize the Text

No one likes dealing with an impersonal organization, so try and personalize your message to match your customers’ preferences. For example, if you know from previous correspondence that your customer uses a certain product, mention something about a similar product that they may enjoy using. This kind of personal attention will make the customer feel special and you will stand out as a company that cares.

Check Sentence Structure and Grammar

In your role as a customer service representative, you will surely come across some customers that have a good eye for grammar and perfect sentences. Not only do you not want to upset these clients with poor writing, but it’s important that you get your message across without errors that can be distracting. If you lack training in this area don’t despair, there are online tools available that can help you. The writing tools recommended by the website Self Development Secrets will ensure you write properly structured and grammatically correct responses every time. Many of the tools are free of charge. It won’t just be your boss who will be impressed, you will also leave a good impression on your customers.

Do Not Take Your Customers for Granted

Every customer that is doing business with your company is putting their trust in you, and so it is very important that you do not take them for granted. Thank them for their loyalty and long business relationship when you write to them. There is plenty of competition in every industry and customers can be lost at the snap of a finger. Showing gratitude to your customers will reassure them that you value their business.

Mention Clear Contact Details

If your client needs to contact you again for any queries or wants to visit your office, you need to include a clear set of contact details that they can easily use in case of follow-up. Give your name and personal contact details, so they can reach you directly and not get lost in your company’s phone network. Tell your customer that you would be pleased to hear from them if they have further queries.

Ask for Advice, Feedback, or Complaints

It is always wise to accept feedback and improve where needed. Customer feedback should be considered as constructive criticism. Asking for your customer’s opinion and acting on complaints instills a feeling of assurance in your customer. Your actions demonstrate that you are ready to improve, amend, and make necessary changes to become better.

Offer Coupons or Vouchers

From time to time things do not always go to plan. If you have made a mistake such as a late shipment or billing error, sending a letter of apology can go a long way to calm an unhappy customer. In case you need to win back a client who is considering taking their business elsewhere, you can consider enclosing offer coupons or discount vouchers along with your correspondence.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Not many people have time to read an essay, so get to the point of what you need to communicate quickly and efficiently but without appearing abrupt. Your writing should always be friendly but remain professional. Summarize the key points and remember to include a call to action if you expect a reply.

Use Email Wisely

If there have been several written exchanges and there has still been no proper resolution to the problem, try summarizing all the issues and cover them thoroughly in one email. If all else fails, it may be time to move on to another form of communication such as telephone or even a face-to-face meeting.

Customer service representative writing on laptop

Positivity is the key

As a customer service representative, politeness should transmit from your every written and spoken word. A polite, positive attitude will not only keep your customers happy and engaged but will also keep you and your colleagues happy in your daily routine. Writing a letter or an email to a client can result in positive feedback for you and your company and maybe even shared by thousands of people through the wonder of social media.

By following these golden rules, you will convey your points effectively, represent your company professionally and gain your customers’ trust. Remember, there are many helpful tools available when writing to customers, so you never need to feel alone when handling this sometimes-difficult task.

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