How to Show Yourself Better in a Job Interview

Candidate shaking hands with interviewer

On every job interview, interviewers often speak to many applicants before narrowing their selection to the most desirable candidate. According to research by SHRM, companies take up to 42 days to fill a vacant position on average, and some companies still take a bit longer.

This means that once you get an opportunity for the interview for a customer service personnel or any other position you could be applying for, must present yourself as the best candidate for the job. You have to self-promote yourself convincingly without sounding corny, arrogant, or even worse, desperate. The good news is, with a little effort, you can learn to confidently talk about your career, skills, and knowledge in an interview and qualify for that job offer.

Here are some tips to showcase your talents and make it clear you are the strongest candidate;

Always Quantify Your Achievements

Volume, timespans, percentage, and dollar amount are great ways of quantifying your accomplishment in a resume. Metric always sells; that’s why it’s essential to use them to measure your achievements. Hence rather than saying you ran a successful project, say how you led a project that reduced the cost by 40%. Also, avoid using empty clichés such as “hard worker” or “team player”; instead, use any relevant past stories that show how you applied your skill to back up your claims. Another way is by stating how the previous company had set specific goals and how you surpassed those goals.

Hire a Resume Writer

Your resume emphasizes your abilities and skills, demonstrates your value, and includes career achievements you have made previously. The employer will want to see the value you will bring to the table by reviewing your contributions to your former workplace. Keep in mind that you must be able to support any achievement you have mentioned in your resume. While everyone can claim to have achieved something great, not everyone can actually prove or support that.

The advantage of hiring the best resume writing service is that they are committed to seeing you succeed in the work you do together. Besides, they are experts in what they do, and they will guide you on how to answer questions. You will also find the best customer service resume writers who specialize in customer service and will help you craft a formal resume that aligns with what the employers in the industry are looking for.

Listen Carefully to the Interviewers Questions and Be Observant

It’s important to listen to the question as you might miss vital information if you aren’t attentive. This is the only way you will be to answer every question appropriately. Once they ask the question, listen carefully to the entire question, and pause to think critically before answering. The nervousness and anxiety that interviewees feel can make them easily misunderstood the question or miss important information.

Even as you listen carefully to the questions, also pay attention to how they respond to your answers. In the process, you might pick up helpful information that will help answer other questions better. The interviewers will prove you are always attentive to details.

Perform an Informational Interview

By performing an informational interview, you will gather valuable insight on the particular industry or company culture tips to help you outshine others during the interview. You can gather information on the company through their company social platforms or as a resume writer. Since resume writers specialize in different industries, they have all the information you might not know about the company.  The advantage of getting the help of a resume writing service is that they know the most important skills and qualities that the company considers the most. As mentioned earlier, they will help you describe your most outstanding information, such as past achievements that aligns with the company requirements.

Carry Yourself with Confidence

During an interview, show you trust yourself; if you feel unsure, it’ll show. Let your interviewer trust you by displaying confidence and showing you can do the job well. Do everything you need to do you ensure you outwardly project your confidence.  For instance, ensure you make eye contact when shaking hands, maintain good posture, and sit in a position that radiates engagement with the conversation.

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