Customer Service Job Description

You may be interested in a customer service Job description from two points of view. Firstly, you may be an employer who wishes to fill a customer support role. Secondly, you may be a prospective employee searching for a position in customer service.

Customer service job description

Let’s look at the first requirement. As an employer, it is important that you clarify and document exactly what your employee will be doing.

You will want to cover the most important areas where your employee will be interacting with customers.

It could therefore include the following tasks:

– Dealing with clients

– Answering emails

– Writing to customers

– Speaking on the phone

– Processing orders

– Managing Administration

Below is an example that was used by an employer looking for a CSR.

Sample Customer Service Job Description

Role: Customer Service Representative (CSR)

Do you have experience in client support, maybe hospitality? Are you a professional person interested in an awesome full time job opportunity? Then you might be a great addition to my team!


A very reputable executive airline is looking for Customer Service Representatives to join the team. Successful candidates will render a variety of services to aircraft passengers and crew through application of knowledge of our organization, its services and products. Perfect candidates will pride themselves on their professionalism, should be outgoing, personable, and a good conversationalist. Past positions should involve working with people; areas could include retail, restaurant staff, and hotel hospitality.


– Responsible for hotel reservations, ground transportation arrangements such as car rentals, limo services, catering, etc…
– Resolves customer requests, questions and complaints frequently requiring analysis of situations to determine best use of resources.
– Serves as liaison between the customer and various departments.
– Solicits sales of new or additional services.
– Operates office equipment inclusive of air to ground radio, computers and terminals as necessary.
– Provides pricing and delivery information, processes orders, and prepares cash reports.
– Sets up new accounts, maintains records, prepares reports and performs work processing assignments and related clerical duties.
– Knowledgeable of customer service inclusive of hotel reservations, ground transportation, information on local attractions and activities, and other information that provides valuable service to our customers.


Multi-task oriented. Excellent communication skills and problem solving abilities. High school diploma or general education degree experience. Must have a valid driver’s license and pass all security and background checks.

From the Employee’s Perspective

As a prospective employee, it is likely that you will be looking to match your resume with that of an employer’s requirements. There is nothing wrong in doing this, just make sure that you really do have experience in the areas outlined. Also, be prepared to work on areas outside of a Job outline when you actually get to work in a customer service role, not everything that needs doing at work can be put into words!

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