Customer Service Manager Resume – Tips for Writing the Perfect Curriculum Vitae

When it comes to setting out on your quest to find a job as a Customer Service Manager, it pays to construct a professional looking resume.

Customer service resume

Not only will a good resume capture your skills and experience on paper for your prospective employer to consider; it will give you a real confidence boost by reminding yourself just how good you are. Here are my tips to create the perfect curriculum vitae.

What to Include in Your Resume

Start by laying out a rough draft. Be sure to include:

1. Your personal details: name, address, telephone number and email

2. Your previous employers: name and contact details

3. Your educational achievements: school, college and university qualifications

4. Details of any trade or professional organizations you are a member of

5. Your job titles, role and responsibilities

6. Your major achievements: what successes you have contributed to

7. Your career goals: what you are looking for in your next job move

8. Your personal interests and hobbies

Using Resume Templates

These days there are resume templates you can download from the internet. If you use one make sure you choose a style that you are comfortable with. Styles range from traditional, professional and formal to modern, stylish and contemporary.

Going with the Flow

Avoid making your resume over cluttered, it should flow easily and read well. Having said that do not over simplify your C.V. You want to keep the interest of the reader and display a degree of depth and gravitas.

And Finally..

Always keep you resume accurate. Remember, honesty is the the best policy when embarking on a career as a Customer Service Manager.

About the Author

Ian Miller is Editor of CSM Magazine, an online magazine and community for customer service professionals.

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