Why Customer Service Matters in Belgium

Business meeting in Belgium

Is 2020 the year you plan to open up your own business in Belgium? If so, there is no doubt that you have plenty on your plate in terms of preparing for this next big step.

Clearly, you want your business to get a positive and robust start so that it can succeed, not just in the short-term but the long-term. Having a strong product or service that you will be offering to customers is only half the battle when it comes to building a successful business, and as any entrepreneur will tell, you there are many ingredients that go into the mix of success.

This brings us to customer service, and why it matters so much to businesses in Belgium. Customer service isn’t reserved for select industries only, rather it is across the board, which means no matter what sector your new business will reside in, customer service will come into play. But why exactly does customer service matter so much? Here’s a closer look.

Good Customer Service is a Universal Language

Belgium is especially unique in that it is one of the most international countries in the entire European Union. Businesses from all over the world look to form partnerships with those in Belgium, which means you can be dealing with all kinds of different languages. One language that transcends all is customer service – it is universal. It doesn’t matter what country your client is based in; if you provide a high level of customer service it is understood and valued.

Keeping Existing Customers is Cheaper than Finding New Ones

Most business owners are well aware of just how many resources go into finding new customers, it is time and money-consuming. Statistics clearly show that customer retention is cheaper than new customer acquisition, which means keeping customers happy should be a top priority. While there are many ways to create happy and satisfied customers, excellent customer service is a cornerstone of the process.

Give Yourself the Edge on the Competition

No matter what industry your business is in, there is bound to be stiff competition. In order to stand out from the competitors, it’s important to find a unique hook, something that sets your company apart from all others. Even if you’re offering the same types of products and services and using the same pricing structure, you can still find a way to be unique – and that’s through your customer service.

Why not offer a superior level of customer service that your rivals just can’t compete with? This alone can draw more customers to your business, and will create positive word of mouth. There are even statistics that show customers are willing to pay more for products and services if they feel the company is treating them well and providing them with high-quality customer service.

Poor Customer Service Is Attributed to Failure

Did you also know that poor customer service is one of the biggest contributing factors to why businesses fail? Take that out of the equation and you improve the odds of the business succeeding.

It Creates a Positive Work-Environment

While there is a lot of focus on the benefit to the customers, your employees will also benefit from high-quality customer service. When customers are happy with the service they receive, it creates pride in the company and a sense of happiness. This positive work environment means less turnover, allowing you to retain valued employees and not constantly be dealing with re-training and hiring.

Excellent customer service truly creates a chain reaction in which all benefit.

Final Tips for Forming a Company in Belgium

Now that you understand just how important customer service is, it’s imperative you take the correct steps to form your business in Belgium. Company formation in Belgium can be confusing as the requirements differ between the various company types. Bringing in professionals to help you through the formation process is not only wise but can save you many headaches down the road.

Place the Focus on Customer Service

With so many powerful reasons to provide excellent customer service, it’s of the utmost importance that when you create your Belgium-based business you make customer service a priority from the get-go.

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