How to Boost Staff Engagement with Online Learning

Office employee studying on her computer

Your employees need to see online learning as an exciting opportunity. If you’re an employer or manager, you can generate more of a flare for this type of workplace learning.

The stakes are higher than you might expect here. After all, the consequences of ‘boreout’ at work can be immensely damaging for businesses. Learning online isn’t boring, and it’s vital that you impress a more enjoyable side of things onto your employees. How can you boost staff engagement with online learning? Read on for our musings.

Find a High-Quality Course Provider

Not all online learning programmes are the same. Some providers provide accredited and approved courses that truly accelerate employee and company prospects.

For example, iHASCO makes online training for workplaces simple and accessible. Their easy-to-use platform is an ever-expanding digital library of courses, and tens of thousands of organisations use their services for all their e-learning needs. Courses are compatible with any device, so they might be able to learn at a time more convenient for them. There’s a diverse range of topics, too, from fire warden and DSE training to accident prevention.

Moreover, 88% of their clients had reported saving money as a direct result of using iHASCO. If you can reinvest this money into your business and your workers, greater satisfaction with online courses can also be felt on that score. In the end, the provider can set the tone for the engagement, so ensure you’re working with businesses fully committed to refining your talent.

Use Different Modes of Learning

While theories around different ‘learning styles’ continue to be hotly contested, many people would still claim to respond to some forms of learning better than others. There can be many reasons for this beyond how their brain is wired; time constraints, device availability, and so forth.

Therefore, diversifying your approach to online learning could be a good idea. Virtual reality and podcasts can add unique touches to the upskilling process, allowing workers to approach concepts differently. Every medium has a different language to use, and can help pique employee interest.

Shaking up a routine, even in very simple ways, is important to boosting engagement with something. Curveballs keep workers on their toes, so try throwing as many as possible. These measures can also branch out workers’ interests and help them escape a mundane routine.

Invite Further Discussions

Many workplace activities benefit from a debrief session. You can gather workers participating in online learning programmes to discuss everything they learned in a conference room or Zoom call.

This can be a great time to draw upon feedback and get some honest thoughts. After all, even if employees didn’t wholly understand the content, they may benefit from discussing where they got lost and confused with their colleagues. After that, employees can provide clarification, bond over the eventually shared understanding, and feel a different kind of satisfaction from online learning.

Online learning can sometimes be seen as something that’s isolated and insular. If you open up the floor to a dialogue about what was learned, these activities can feel more like a group and social experience. You could also ask for feedback on whether employee needs were addressed and what else they think would be useful to learn about in future.

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