Four Careers to Grow Into for Those With Customer Experience Background

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In almost every job that exists, there is a customer or client component to consider. Depending on the specific job or career, you may have little to extensive direct contact with those customers.

For those who have interacted and engaged with customers extensively,  valuable experience is gained and can be used to further advance in your career.

When it comes to customer experience, one might consider it a form of art. The more experience you have dealing with people in different situations, the better equipped you are to apply that skill anywhere you go. Unlike customer service, the role of a customer experience employee is much more proactive. In this role, you are offering your customer a seamless experience from the very first point of contact until after they have completed a purchase of some sort. There is a great need for skilled workers in this career field and plenty of opportunities for growth. If you are serious about advancing in your expertise, you may want to try a business management certification to stand out among your peers.

Here are 4 careers to consider for those with a customer experience background:

  • Implementation Engineer: If you love onboarding customers and seeing them through the purchase process, this is a great career path! You will work with customers and various teams within your organization to ensure a smooth customer journey at every step of their product experience. As part of this role, you will develop systems to measure the success of implementation and you will use strategic thinking to constantly improve the overall customer experience. You will create evergreen materials for future use and reference for both the customer and organization.
  • Sales Enablement: This role is for anyone who loves to create and share tools and knowledge with others in order to increase overall sales performance. If you enjoy training and collaborating with others, this is a unique opportunity to use your skills to partner with your team and advocate for optimal resources, strategies, and practices in order to meet standards and promote company growth. By devoting your expertise and knowledge to your team, you will boost sales performance and quotas. You will close existing gaps by offering strategic sales methods in regards to the customer experience.
  • Information Architect: Do you love the writing and communication process? Do you enjoy synthesizing information? If so, this role is for you. As an IA, you will create written materials that are accurate, appealing, and reflective of your company product or service. The content you produce will be one of the first things your customer engages with before they buy in, so you will need an understanding of your current market and market trends in order to speak to their needs. According to statistics, over 70% of customers say that their customer experience is a deciding factor when making a purchase, so you have a very important job of offering an excellent experience from the start!
  • Support Operations: Are you the tech nerd/guru in your circle? If you are always up on the latest apps and software, this role may be perfectly suited for you. In this role, you will make sure that your team is always educated and equipped with the best tools in order to provide a great customer experience. As part of the SO duties, you will onboard and train team members, analyze current workflows, troubleshoot, design, and build new tools to improve the quality of support, and more.

The role of CX (Customer Experience) has taken off over the last few years. Today, it is even being embraced by larger companies and added to the list of C-Suite jobs. Many companies have come to understand that the heart of their long-term success truly lies with the quality of their customer experience. For those interested in pursuing a career in CX, there are a growing number of avenues to explore, all of which call upon a dedication to change and continuous growth and improvement.

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