How Instagram Can Help You Grow an Audience in 2022

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Growing an Instagram audience in 2022 can become more challenging as more bloggers and businesses emerge. Therefore, you need to be overly active with interacting with your IG customers to encourage them to visit your account more often. If you just registered an Instagram profile, you can get your first followers slowly. To achieve this faster, you need to use methods such as mass follow and mass liking target users.

If your profile lists zero subscribers so far, then the simplest thing you can do is massively start following a potentially interested audience – that is, you can find customers among followers of your competitors. However, there is a toolkit that will allow you to automatically gain an audience base even when you are actually offline. A bot for Instagram is an online service that works better for accounts that already have a certain audience, at least there are minimum account requirements. For example, the account must be at least two weeks old and must list at least 12 posts.

Before promoting your profile by using third-party services or manually gaining an audience, you must make sure that your content is catchy for new visitors. They should become interested at first glance. That is, try to uncover the benefits of your product as correctly as possible and demonstrate a unique trading offer in bio, captions, highlights, stories. Don’t invest in a growing audience until everything is set.

Bots for Instagram – real practise by steps

If you decide to promote an Instagram account with a bot, here’s what you need to do before connecting your profile – style the feed. It is important to create at least 15 posts in which your transfer benefits, brand voice and real users reviews. New visitors may not be familiar with your goods or services.

What does the bot installation process look like in practice? Here is a short step by step guide.

Step #1 – choose a trusted service

This is a very responsible task because many bots are scams, some of them are not safe at all and can lead to account blocking. But it’s not hopeless. Because proven services with reviews can really increase your loyal audience. We advise you to put a query in a search engine like “reviews on instagram bots”. Read cases on sites like Trustpilot. For example, Inflact is a service that has been operating for more than 4 years and has real cases and clients around the world. Despite possible errors, the support team is available 24/7 to help you install and resolve any issues. This bot in practice can provide an account growth of 200 active followers from 0 in the first weeks of work.

Step #2 – connect VPN

To grow safely through a bot, you need to set it up and use it with a VPN. Advanced services offer a VPN service along with the bot subscription. VPN is needed to protect your profile from a possible automation recognition system. When you move along with VPN, then in each session through the application and through the bot, your data, cookies and IP address will match.

Do not use automation if it doesn’t go hand in hand with VPN.

Step #3 – Set up your targeting

Bot targeting is similar to advertising. To filter out only the right audience for interaction, you need to set up filters. Most often, the bot will work according to the following indicators:

  • You can copy usernames and the bot will interact with them and their followers. Let’s say if you need to attract everyone who is interested in your online psychology course, you can insert the usernames of psychology schools, psychologists and your competitors. Soon this audience will receive attention from you.
  • This is an indispensable assistant to make your posts searchable. For example, a user can search for psychology accounts and start typing words in the search bar. With these words, they can click on the hashtags section and find your post in the gallery. Therefore, a bot that accesses user profiles by tags (that they use) will help you get niche customers.
  • Demographics and location. This can be important to weed out unwanted audiences. For example, if you are promoting a cafe IG account in Italy, you need users from this region. You can set the location and the bot will only visit the profiles of those who are in Italy.

Step #4 – track the result

In a week in the bot dashboard you will see what tags, usernames brought you subscribers. Eliminate ineffective ways and try new ones. Also keep track of the number of new followers to assess if the investment in the service is justified.

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