How Gen Z Employees Can Help Improve Customer Service

Generation Z employees at work

For companies looking to attract and retain customers, investing in Gen Z employees can provide an effective way to improve customer service.

In this article, we’ll look at how Gen Z employees can help you give your customers the best possible experience and how you can make sure they stay with your company.

Who Exactly is Gen Z?

Pew Research Center considers people born between 1981 and 1996 (ages 23 to 38 in 2019) as Millennials, and those born from 1997 onward as part of the Gen Z generation.

The Benefits of Hiring Gen Z Employees

By hiring a young and energetic Generation Z workforce, businesses are taking advantage of what these individuals bring to the table. This generation is tech-savvy, well-informed, IT literate and highly creative when it comes to problem-solving.

Having Gen Z employees on board can also help improve customer service in many unique ways. One key benefit is that they have an intuitive understanding of millennials’ needs since they grew up around them. This allows them to better relate with these customers—which results in better customer service outcomes overall. Additionally, as Millennials start aging out of the workforce, businesses should make sure that their customer service teams are staying up-to-date with current trends affecting their target audience; by employing members of Gen Z, businesses will be able to ensure their services remain relevant and engaging.

Understanding Today’s Customers

In order to effectively serve customers today it’s important for businesses to understand how they prefer to be served and interacted with—and naturally this kind of information is best understood by people that are in the same age group or generation as these customers themselves (i.e., Gen Z). Moreover, as technology continues advancing rapidly it’s becoming necessary for companies offering consumer services or products to keep up with new trends in order remain competitive and continue providing quality experiences that are useful in today’s day-to-day life—once again something that’s best achieved using younger members who have grown up using technology and know how it works better than older generations do.

Moreover, by hiring members from Generation Z you can provide yourself additional value too due their affinity for trending topics related like popular music or social issues; being able to connect with customers on a more personal level could open doors for increased engagement and conversations which would result in better solutions when problems arise since conversations between employees and consumers become more natural and honest because both parties feel like equals instead of being distant from each other due age differences like how older generations would usually act around millennials or vice versa.

Techniques You Can Use to Retain Gen Zers

Since members from Generation Z are typically more engaged with what they do compared with other generations (owing mostly due generational changes discussed earlier) understanding their needs may require some extra effort if businesses wish them to stay–which is obviously preferred over hiring new workers every few months due the costs associated with doing so (e.g., recruiting fees). First off it’d be beneficial for business owners or managers conducting interviews where potential candidates should pay close attention during meetings and interviews making sure aspiring hires feel welcome into what could potentially become their workplace soon afterwards—this means providing clear expectations regarding actual job duties so there aren’t any misunderstandings after employment begins; additionally if businesses choose flexible working hours they should also let potential workers know this beforehand so new hires know what will be expected of them after beginning work such as shift duration times etcetera.

Another example would include allowing remote work days allowing employees take advantage of modern communications technology like video conferencing tools or online collaboration software thus simplifying scheduling conflicts related tasks while still keeping everyone on track thus avoiding any long term issues caused by poor attendance which would affect all involved parties including but not limited solely management staff & clients alike.

Furthermore whenever possible creating initiatives that allow these kinds of hired workers voice their opinions as often as possible might increase morale since feeling heard & respected tends drive performance higher amongst all human beings so establishing regular feedback groups allow employers get insight into concerns & suggestions without feeling like “traitors” who are only speaking out against management decisions—all whilst still ensuring projects don’t lose track.

Doing things mentioned here won’t automatically guarantee high retention rates amongst your hired workforce but striving towards making sure those employed have enjoyable job experiences goes long way since ultimately everyone wants feel contented while contributing whatever small part they can contribute towards helping achieve some larger collective goal.


In conclusion, hiring Gen Z employees can be an effective way to improve customer service without having to make a large investment. Their age and experience provide them with the understanding of how today’s customers prefer to be serviced and interacted with, as well as the knowledge of current trends which allows for companies to stay relevant and engaging. With the right techniques in place, businesses can ensure that their Gen Z employees remain loyal and committed.

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