What Jobs Are Gen Z Most Likely to Go Into?

Generation Z employees

Gen Z are thought to be the leading generation behind the Great Resignation of 2021: the phenomenon that saw millions of workers quitting their jobs.

This generation has a different attitude towards the workplace, the type of careers that attract them and what their priorities are.

Less focus on longevity

In a jobseeker survey carried out by Bankrate, it showed that over half (55%) of American adults were planning to switch jobs; of this figure, 77% of these were Gen Z – aged between 18 and 24. It is perhaps unsurprising that the younger generation do not see jobs with the same prospects of longevity as previous generations.

Entering the workforce at a time of great instability, bleak job prospects and job losses at an all time high, it is easy to understand why Gen Z and millennials have been labelled the “most mobile participants in the workforce”.

What skills do Gen Z have?

Gen Z are known to be the most technologically savvy generation, having grown up in a totally digital age, says Gen Z experts, Imagen Insights.

Deloitte found that among Gen Z there is a greater prevalence for an all-rounder profile, one that has cross-sectoral skills. These can include, but are not limited to, digital and technology skills, competence with analytics and data, business management skills and design and creative skills.

Data from Firstup showed that on average, Gen Z workers have experience with more than five types of enterprise software applications, making them well-equipped for multiple roles. They tend to have far more knowledge of technology than previous generations as well as being experts in social media.

What types of careers are Gen Z looking for?

According to the data from Firstup, Gen Z are most interested in careers involving business, healthcare, and tech, not dissimilar to their Millennial counterparts. On the other hand, manufacturing and retail were found to be the least appealing.

Glassdoor found that software engineer was the most in-demand job for Gen Z job seekers accounting for 19% of total job applications made by Gen Z users across a 3.5 month period. There seems to be a general gravitation towards tech jobs with particular interest in companies such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft.

What are workplace priorities for Gen Z?

One of the key differences for Gen Z is their attitude towards work and their workplace priorities, which is important for any employers to know if they are looking to attract and retain Gen Z talent. Gone are the days of traditional employee benefits or even attracting talent based purely on salary.

It is clear from multiple research studies that Gen Z wants to feel that they have a purpose and that the company cares about their personal development and well-being. They look for a sense of community and want to be surrounded by like-minded individuals. Gen Z also comes from a place of scepticism, according to Firstup, worried about being taken advantage of in the workplace. More than ever before, authenticity of a company is a key factor for jobseekers.

In terms of job perks, common factors that Gen Z prioritise are “work environment” and “flexible hours”; Bankrate found that flexible work arrangements were the top priority for Gen Z (62%). With regard to work cons, “long hours” and “low pay” were the most commonly found keywords across Glassdoor reviews.

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