Top 5 Ways to Boost Customer Experience on Your eCommerce Website

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In the aftermath of the Covid-19 outbreak with shifts in customer buying behavior from traditional shopping to online shopping or buying online and pickup in-store, the demand for an effective eCommerce platform became quite huge.

Some eCommerce platforms nowadays are even developed as a centralized system to support business owners in managing a business. If you want to find an eCommerce platform that can function as an ERP system, view here. On the other hand, running and managing eCommerce websites are not always successful if the business owners can not achieve customers’ satisfaction. This article will introduce you to some ways to improve customer experience on your eCommerce websites.

What is an eCommerce customer experience?

ECommerce customer experience simply refers to how you make your customers feel when they search or buy your products through your websites. It’s the perception that your customer has for your brand or business. Your eCommerce website visitors’ first impressions will primarily impact whether they return, how much they spend with you, and how long they stay as customers. Good customer experience is about winning your customer’s preferences.

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Why does eCommerce customer experience matter?

According to, 53% of shoppers say that they have stopped buying from an online store because of a bad experience or better service from the competitors. Similarly, 86 % of consumers are willing to spend more for a better customer experience, and 89 % of consumers switched to competitors after a bad customer experience, following an Oracle study on consumer and brand connections.

All the above data has proved that the value of a positive customer experience to a company is immeasurable. It has the power to increase or decrease sales. Your website can either breed frustration and doubt, or it can nurture a sense of trust and create an engaging consumer experience. In addition, a good customer experience also can help you reduce costs significantly since when you get customers’ satisfaction, good referrals can help you cut down a lot of website advertising costs.

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How to boost customer experience on your eCommerce website?

In order to win customer experience on your website, building a nice eCommerce website is not enough. Here we can recommend some effective tips for your references:

Build a user-friendly website

Your eCommerce website will most likely be your first point of contact or first impression with potential customers. That’s where your paid ads and organic traffic should go. And, as always, first impressions are crucial. If you send potential clients to a poorly designed eCommerce website, they will have a negative initial impression of your brand or business. A practical way for improving your client experience is to create a customer-centric eCommerce website. Besides, your eCommerce store should be simple to use and all your links and buttons are visible and easy to understand with carefully chosen font style, color, and backdrop. In addition, your website should have quick loading speed.

Optimize for mobile

According to SaleCycle, 65% of visits and 53% of sales were made on mobile devices. So it is necessary to create a mobile-friendly website to improve customer experience. Business owners should make the mobile version of the website easy to use, keep content clear and simple and increase the website’s mobile load speed.

Simplify purchasing processes

Around 60% of customers find it most annoying to have to fill out the same information again on a checkout page following data from SaleCycle. Therefore, it is a really bad experience that you can bring to customers if providing a complicated purchasing process with a long checkout form. From the time a customer comes on your product page to the time they make a purchase, the process should be quick and easy.

Engage with customers across all channels

Engaging with customers from different channels can help you build up and maintain a relationship. Business owners can interact with customers through industry forums, blogs as well as social media networks. Review sites are also a good place to engage with customers whenever they leave a review.


Personalization is one of the most powerful factors driving customer loyalty. Utilizing data to get a deeper understanding of your customers; treat each customer as an individual and make them feel valued. Business owners can consider some personalized touchpoints such as:

  • Create some personalized discounts for customers on products or services that are relevant to them.
  • Store the customer’s history: Showcase a list of suggestions based on what a consumer has looked at, as well as a list of recently looked at things.
  • Communicate with customers in their native language
  • Personalize emails: birthday greetings or invitations to customer events.


In summary, an eCommerce customer experience strategy is just as crucial as a marketing strategy when it comes to developing your business. We hope that this post can help you realize the importance of improving customers’ experience on eCommerce websites and bring you some useful suggestions. Besides all the listed ways, there are many other tips that you can find to improve your customer experience. It all depends on how you apply them in reality, to build a successful business.

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