How Customer Service Teams Can Utilise Faxes

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Does your customer service team use faxes? Believe it or not, fax still matters in 2023. For decades, fax has played a significant role in various business transactions. It’s still a highly preferred communication method of many businesses, especially with online faxing.

Most companies utilize faxes to provide excellent customer service. Many customers from the older generation still prefer fax messages over modern forms of communication. But how can customer service teams use it to optimize their productivity? This article can help you understand why faxes are essential for customer service.

Quicker Transactions

Customer service teams utilize faxes to process business transactions that require a signature for speedy approval. Customers must affix their signature on a service agreement, waiver, or any business or legal document before processing their request.

For instance, companies need a signature to express approval for equipment installation or service calls. In addition, some individuals need to see the whole document before signing an agreement. For these scenarios, customer service agents can use online fax for faster transactions.

Nowadays, there’s no need to use a physical fax machine for electronic, digital, or online fax. You can now send and receive fax messages via email or a dedicated app. You can check or similar services to learn more about online faxing. Also, you can search online to see more options and check which features suit your needs.

Fax-To-Order Convenience

Customer service teams can use faxes to process orders. Most customers prefer to process their orders through phone calls and online apps. However, some people want to process them by fax. Nonetheless, fax offers customers an additional option when making orders or communicating their specific product or service requirements.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t matter whether you have a small or large percentage of orders via fax. Dedicated customer service agents are still necessary to maintain a good business image and loyal customer base. However, the lengthy processing of manual fax orders can be challenging for some.

While many companies address communication issues by asking customer service teams to use automation tools, most tech tools may not drive the expected positive results. On the other hand, fax still offers the human touch that most customers prefer.

Most successful customer service teams use platforms through a software-as-a-service (SaaS) approach. These platforms help them attend to fax orders more efficiently because of their robust features. Some of their helpful features include data entry, data capture, document routing, electronic approval workflow, reporting, automatic archiving, and an audit trail.

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Omnichannel And Secure Correspondence

Many customer services teams use faxes to provide omnichannel communication to customers and other stakeholders. Omnichannel correspondence means using different ways or channels of communication. It’s a popular term in the business world, including customer service.

When customers don’t respond by email or phone calls, customer service agents can use fax as an alternative communication channel. It’s also an ideal communication channel for high-profile clients, such as chief executive officers (CEOs), directors, and managers.

Most business-to-business (B2B) customers will likely respond to faxes compared to emails or phone calls. Fax messages include more detailed information about the sender, making them more professional and credible than other forms of communication. Unlike the shady reliability of regular email messages due to phishing scams, faxes have an excellent reputation.

High-Tech Customer Service 

Numerous customer service teams provide high-tech services through electronic signatures and online faxing. With these advanced technologies, customer service agents can process requests more efficiently.

Most modern businesses use voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP) systems for faxing capabilities. With VoIP, you can make phone calls using your broadband internet connection. Customer service reps can make VoIP calls through computers, regular phones, and other data-driven communication devices.

Did you know that most business phone systems have faxing integrations? The best ones include unlimited internet fax features that customer service centers use. On the other hand, some options offer cloud-based platforms with overhead paging systems and fax machines.

Modern technologies, including faxes, are crucial for excellent customer service, especially when dealing with business-to-business clients. Customer service teams can become more efficient and productive with highly-functional and seamless-to-use tools.


Customer service teams can take advantage of faxes in many ways. Despite the peak of digital transformation, many companies still use this technology. With the evolution of faxes, sending and receiving fax messages is now easier and faster.

Furthermore, various features are added, making faxes more helpful and convenient. Meanwhile, choosing the right faxing tools can help enhance customer experience, benefiting businesses across multiple niches and industries.

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