8 Energy Efficiency Apps for a Greener You

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It’s not easy saving the Earth by yourself. Fortunately, the great scientists and technologists among us are working hard to create tools that promote energy efficiency, decrease your carbon footprint, and, best of all, help you save money on your utility bills.

Among them, these 8 apps will inform you about your energy consumption and give you guidance on how to create better habits that will improve your life and take care of the planet.

Energy Cost Calculator

Based on the information you provide about your estimated energy usage per hour and how many hours you use per day, Energy Cost Calculator will calculate how much an electronic item is costing you. You’ll be able to see the approximate price per day, week, month, and year, along with your item’s annual carbon emissions. It’s an easy way to figure out whether you should cut back on using certain devices.


JouleBug gamifies energy efficiency by allowing you to participate in “green” competitions. The app analyzes your environmental impact and awards you badges, pins, points, and trophies based on your energy consumption. You can join local and national challenges to compete against others, as well as follow your friends who use the app, too, to see their energy efficiency stats.


Want to know how a prospective purchase will affect you and the environment before you buy it? Thanks to GoodGuide, you can simply scan the barcode and find out. The database contains thousands of items, ranging from household items to gadgets to toys. You can also see rankings from other users and add products you like to a shopping list.


Figure out your carbon footprint with this fun and informative app. Oroeco will track and analyze your everyday habits, including eating, transportation, device usage, and more. It will then show you where you’re adversely impacting the environment and offer suggestions on how to decrease your energy usage and carbon footprint. You can also compete against others and receive digital rewards.


MyEarth was created by the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Human Ecology faculty and students and allows you to see your energy consumption in five areas: electricity, travel, food, usage, and recycling. You can choose among energy-related activities to complete, check them off within the app, and see your overall environmental impact.


For people who drive to work, gas can really add up, both in terms of the money they spend and the energy they consume. But with GasBuddy, you can save by locating the lowest gas prices in your area. The app boasts having saved users more than $2.9 billion over the last 15 years and offers challenges to complete and the opportunity to win free gas.

Energy Consumption Analyzer

Find out your energy consumption by adding meter readings for electricity, gas, and water to this app. Energy Consumption Analyzer will then analyze the data and calculate your average normalized consumption in the period of time between meter readings, displaying it as a graph. If you provide price information, you can also see how much money your utilities are costing you. The app allows you to mark unusual usage periods and make notes for your reference.

Honorable mention: smart thermostat apps

Many smart thermostats come with free companion apps that not only allow you to control the air temperature in your home but also show you information about your usage. In many cases, you can adjust the heat or air conditioning remotely and program your devices to respond to changing weather conditions.

Nest Mobile

One example of a smart thermostat app is Nest Mobile. This app works with your Nest Learning Thermostat. You can control the temperature of your home from anywhere. The system will also adapt depending on the season, time of day, your personal schedule, and other factors and alert you about extreme temperatures.

Ready to take control of your carbon footprint and reduce your energy consumption? These apps will make your lifestyler greener as well as help you save money. They’re a fun, easy way to help out the planet.

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