From Spreadsheets to Software: Upgrading Your Cash Flow Analysis

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Despite advances in technology, many businesses today still perform manual cash flow analysis using spreadsheets. While spreadsheets have many useful applications, there is a better way to manage and forecast cash flow.

In this post, you’ll learn about the drawbacks of using spreadsheets for cash flow analysis, how cash flow software can revolutionize your organization’s cash flow forecasting and what to look for when switching to cash flow software.

The Shift from Manual to Automated Processes

For organizations that have always relied on manual cash flow analysis, shifting from manual to automated cash flow analysis can be difficult. However, more and more companies are using cash flow software to automate cash flow analysis, saving time and allowing for a more effective analysis.

The Limitations of Spreadsheet-Based Cash Flow Analysis

Some limitations of using spreadsheets for cash flow analysis include:


Manual data entry can be time-consuming, which can result in significant expenses for businesses.

Standardization issues

With spreadsheet-based cash flow analysis, employees from all departments record data on spreadsheets in their preferred format. A lack of standardization across departments makes collecting and analyzing data in one place difficult and makes for a more error-prone analysis.

Increased complexity

In today’s world, data is abundant and the amount of information is only increasing. Analyzing vast pools of data using spreadsheets requires enormous time and resources. As the amount of data increases, using spreadsheets for cash flow analysis may become even more difficult.

Advantages of Using Specialized Cash Flow Analysis Software

Cash flow analysis software offers several key advantages for businesses.

Better allocation of resources

By opting for cash flow analysis software, employees no longer need to spend hours manually forecasting cash flow and can instead focus on more high-value activities.

Increased organization

With spreadsheet cash flow analysis, information is spread across an organization. Specialized cash flow analysis software can solve this problem by aggregating information onto one convenient platform.

Real-time data

Cash flow software like Cash Flow Frog uses real-time data, creating the most relevant and up-to-date cash flow analysis reports.

Make Better Business decisions

Effective cash flow analysis software results in more accurate and effective cash flow analysis reports. Ultimately, this helps businesses make well-informed decisions.

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Key Features to Look for in Cash Flow Analysis Software

Cash flow analysis software provides many benefits, but not all software provides the same value. When choosing cash flow software, make sure it has the following key features:

Customizable reports

A key feature of any effective cash flow software is the ability to create customizable reports. Customizable reports allow users to create reports that show only the most important information in a visually appealing format that employees from all departments can easily understand.

Forecasts using real-time data

Cash flow software that allows users to create cash flow forecasts in real-time can be a huge asset. Look for cash flow software that syncs directly with bookkeeping software and spreadsheets. This means that any cash flow forecasts will be made using the most up-to-date information.

Comparison between planned and actual cash flows

Cash flow forecasts are just a prediction. Therefore, it’s crucial to analyze how forecasts compare with actual results. Software that allows users to compare planned vs actual cash flows can help you identify where you went wrong in your forecast and make the necessary corrections to improve accuracy.

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