5 Business Trip Essentials You Shouldn’t Overlook

Businessman travels

When traveling abroad for business, there are several things you need to remember when planning; getting your itinerary together and ensuring you have enough time to manage all your business obligations.

However, just like when planning a lengthy vacation, it’s easy to overlook some of the most important details and focus only on packing clothing that is appropriate for the expected weather conditions and other such essentials that seem to stand as priorities. While packing suitable attire is essential, these five business trip essentials are just as important when planning an extended stay abroad to benefit your business.

Health Insurance For Foreigners

Suppose you are traveling to Australia to further your business ventures. In that case, you will need health insurance in Australia for foreigners. It’s no secret that health care costs can be astronomical when paying out of pocket, and certain regions don’t have advanced government-funded healthcare systems. Therefore, to protect your health and your pocket when traveling abroad for business or leisure, purchasing suitable ex-pat health cover should be considered essential.

Travel Documents

When traveling abroad for any reason, you will need relevant travel documents to justify your stay. If you are staying for extended periods, your documentation requirements will vary as you may need to explain your reason for staying longer than ninety days for specific reasons. However, more often than not, all you will need is a valid visa and a passport. When traveling for business, you may require supporting documentation. Passport and visa applications can take some time, so be sure to determine when to apply to allow yourself a stress-free business trip abroad.


If you use any prescription medications, you will need to bring them along on your trip, as forgetting them behind can be a massive stress. In some cases, you may not be able to retrieve your script upon arrival due to timeline differences and other restrictions. Even though you may contact your pharmacy back home to send on your script, it will be an unnecessary extra that will only add to your stress that will only add to travel fatigue, and frustration.


There’s no doubt you will remember to bring along your laptop and other essential work electronics such as your smartphone. However, leaving your chargers behind can be an absolute nightmare as you may not be able to find the correct one once you have arrived at your destination as brands and models can differ in various regions. What’s more, you should remember to consider a suitable adapter as plugs are not the same everywhere in the world. Other electronics you should bring along include a GPS and even a camera to capture memories during your stay.

A Detailed Itinerary

While you shouldn’t bring along an old-fashioned paper itinerary as this can easily be lost. It would be best if you created a detailed business trip itinerary before you leave for your trip. Your itinerary is as essential as the trip itself as it will keep you on track with all your business obligations regardless of how extended your stay is.

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