Free Webinar: Building a Seamless Omnichannel Strategy

Are you providing your customers with a range of engagement channels that satisfy their desires? If not then you organization is failing in a critical piece of today’s customer experience puzzle, and it’s costing you your customers, your reputation and your revenue.

Reuters Events have teamed up with Infobip to bring you the next webinar in their Customer Service Leadership series. ‘Meet Customers Where They Are: Building a Seamless Omnichannel Strategy’ features insights from senior leaders from GM Financial, Infobip & Leap2Digital

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In an age where customers demand frictionless experiences as the baseline, ensure that your organisation has what it takes to provide a seamlessly integrated, omnichannel care strategy. Whether on emerging asynchronous channels such as messaging, or on traditional ones like voice and email – Your customer needs to be able to get the experience they desire, from whatever channel they choose.

Taking place April 6th (12pm Eastern/5pm GMT), tune in as our panel of experts discuss critical topics such as:

  • Freedom of Choice – Customers now crave experiences in which they can choose how they wish to engage with your brand. Don’t lose customers and revenue by neglecting these desires. Listen, identify and implement the channels that are convenient whether that’s messaging, voice, email and many more!
  • The Human Touch– The secret to a successful omnichannel strategy is flexibility. Allow customers the means to interact with a live agent and empower those agents with the tools they need to make every interaction feel premium & personalized, while offering effortless resolution.
  • Digital Harmony – As more customers demand digital experiences, don’t let these traditionally tricky channels hold you back. Discover how to implement a seamless experience between your channel offerings and exceed customer expectations.

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Speakers include:

  • Tricia Price, SVP Customer Experience, Brand Strategy & Marketing, GM Financial
  • Ted Franz, Director Product Strategy – North America, Infobip
  • Margaret Tsuji, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Leap2Digital

I hope you can join us!

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