Free Report: Putting Service at the Heart of the Customer Experience

Unearth critical customer service knowledge from leaders at Lenovo, AT&T, Walmart, CVS Health, Nissan, Cigna & more!

With an influx of new technologies, evolving employee & consumer behaviours, and a renewed focus on CX, the customer service landscape is evolving rapidly. It’s time for organizations to put service back at the heart of the customer experience and become more customer centric.

In this exclusive report, Reuters Events spoke with 15 customer service & experience leaders from top US brands who are striving to transform their strategies in innovative ways, so you can benchmark yourself against them.

Download the report today and unearth critical knowledge from leaders at Lenovo, AT&T, Walmart, CVS Health, Nissan, Cigna & more!

What are these brands prioritizing in 2022? Get answers to these critical questions and more:

  • What excites you about the current direction of customer service, experience, and support?
  • Where does customer experience sit in your organization? And how are you working with other departments to deliver the best possible customer experience?
  • How are businesses going to have to transform their customer operations to keep up with changing customer expectations?
  • How is your organisation transforming employee experience, and how is this positively impacting your service experiences?
  • How important a role does data play in providing world-class customer service & experience?
  • With business being disrupted heavily in the last couple of years, what things have taken on a greater significance for your company?

Don’t miss out on these imperative insights – Secure your copy of the report today!

Customer experience must be a unified strategy with service at the core, and these leaders are taking the steps to identify what we need to gain traction and exceed customer expectations in 2022.

We hope you find this report valuable!

Ian Miller, Editor
CSM Magazine

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