Lack of Preparation for AI Implementation Can Lead to Long-Term Failings

AI in the call center

In a recent interview with CX Network, Phil Lewis, Managing Director, Corporate Punk and Sherrie Simmons, COO, In STEPPS outlined the necessary steps that need to be taken to fully prepare an organisation for AI.

They explained the critical importance of ensuring a company is entirely ready before implementing AI technologies; and said that failure to be adequately ready a business for AI means that it may not bring tangible value to the organisation in the long term.

In an age where many organisations are adopting or planning to adopt AI technologies, Lewis and Simmons said that building a wider understanding of pre-implementation processes is critical if AI successes are going to be realised in the long term. One of the most critical elements highlighted was the preparation and adaptation of company culture.

Sherrie Simmons said “We need to make people a part of the definition of the role AI plays in an organisation and defining what the customer experience is. Individuals are critical to understanding how we want to deploy AI and how that impacts the customer experience in a positive way.”

Phil Lewis echoed these sentiments saying that ultimately, if employees have an appropriate relationship with the commercial value of what they do and understand how AI fits into this, and then that will help to create and foster a culture of innovation.

“I think there is a need for openness and honesty top down about the role and value of artificial intelligence in an organisation and the impact that it is going to have on the workforce, both today and tomorrow.” said Lewis.

Both Lewis and Simmons state that technology can be emotional, and saw this as something which is usually overlooked in the implementation process. Addressing this emotional reaction can help overcome hesitancy to adopt AI technologies and it was suggested that companies should listen to the internal and external customer throughout the preparation process and adjust proceedings in a way that takes the both employees and customers along the whole AI journey.

Both Phil Lewis, Managing Director, Corporate Punk and Sherrie Simmons, COO, In STEPPS will be speaking at the Artificial Intelligence for Customer Experience Conference taking place in London from the 5th to 7th November 2018. Read the full interview here.

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