Facial Expression Recognition Delivers Valuable Customer Sentiment Insights

Confirmit has partnered with Emotient, the leader in emotion detection and sentiment analysis technology based on facial expressions, to deliver greater insight to Market Research (MR) organisations and Voice of the Customer (VoC) programmes.

Emotient Sentiment Analysis Glassware

Emotient emotion detection and sentiment analysis

The partnership answers the need for research organisations to use more sophisticated, detailed and personal behavioural analytics to extract more accurate insight from research surveys. Facial expression recognition technology is an ideal solution, delivering a level of insight about personal sentiment and reaction that cannot be gained through other research methods.

Ken Denman, CEO, Emotient, explained: “Attention, engagement and emotion are the currency of revenue growth and customer satisfaction because, put simply, emotions drive spending and loyalty. For organisations running research programmes and customer experience surveys, emotion detection technology allows them to analyse individual’s emotional reactions at the point of experience – delivering greater understanding of behaviour patterns and likely future action.”

Terry Lawlor, EVP Product Management at Confirmit said: “By adding emotion detection to our suite of research solutions, we’re empowering our clients to delve even deeper into the behaviours of research respondents and customers. They will be able to make better business decisions, improve product and service offerings, and drive up customer experience – all based on detailed emotional reactions and likely behaviours.”

Emotient has embedded its technology into Confirmit’s survey software, making it easy to add emotion detection to any new or existing Market Research, VoC or VoE programme. Respondents are seamlessly transferred during a Confirmit Horizons survey to the Emotient system for the emotion detection to be performed, and then seamlessly returned back to the survey to complete data collection.

Lawlor said: “As technology developments move forward at such a rapid pace, it’s imperative that we continually deliver the best solutions to our global client base. Emotient leads the field in emotion-aware computing and was a natural fit for our comprehensive, feature-rich solution set.”

Denman concluded: “We’re delighted to work with Confirmit to expand the reach of our technologies to leading research and corporate organisations and to provide them with the capabilities to enhance their analytical capabilities to a personal level while remaining fully scalable.”

The integrated solution is immediately available. Confirmit and Emotient will share more details and demonstrate the integrated solution on an upcoming webinar scheduled for early 2016.

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