Employee Wellbeing: 5 Reasons Why You Should Take Good Care of Your Team

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Still not sure why the wellbeing of your employees matters to the wellbeing of your business? We have five reasons why you Should care. Keep reading below to find out why your team’s wellbeing is a key factor for a thriving business. 

The importance of employees in the workplace has come a long way over the past couple of decades. Today, the modern workplace is a very different place than it used to be, say, 30-40 years ago, in terms of how valued the employees are. More precisely, today’s employers are much more employee-focused than they used to be in the past.

In modern workplaces, the focus is on making employees feel comfortable at work, as many studies have shown that this is the best way to keep staff happy and motivated. For this reason, the buzzwords in modern jobs are things like flexibility, work-life balance, collaboration, communication, and, in more friendly places, even mental health.

So, since happy and healthy employees are one of the most important ingredients in the recipe for a thriving business, you should start caring more about your team.

Here are five reasons why having healthy and happy employees benefits your business.

1.  Happy employees make happy customers

It’s well-known that employees who are happy with their jobs and employers do a better job at work. They are more motivated to be productive and help contribute to the success of the company they work for. This includes doing a better job at serving and helping customers.

So, if you take care of your employees, they will also pay more attention to satisfying your customers’ needs to see them happy when they reach out in any way with your business, be it to purchase something or to ask for support.

Now, one of the best ways to keep your employees happy is to care for their wellbeing, both mental and physical. This means that you need to make sure that you don’t overwork your stuff and that your workplace doesn’t affect their physical health in any way.

2.  Healthy employees don’t take time off

It’s obvious that healthy people don’t need time to rest or recover. So, it’s only natural that the healthier your staff is, the fewer days they will need to take off to rest or recover after a sickness.

No time off means that your business isn’t losing money as your entire team is there to work and be productive.

Overall, keeping your employees healthy means that your business is winning money. How? Well, it’s definitely not losing money because you’re not paying for free days and your business processes keep going.

What’s more, another way you ensure that you’re not losing money because you fail to protect your employees is that you won’t have to pay for workers’ compensation if an accident happens.

As the legal specialists from UKLaw explain, “When accidents occur at work because the employer fails to provide protection to the employee, the worker can claim compensation. Many types of work accidents occur that no business owner considers until it happens to one of their employees. Falls from a height, being struck by a moving object, slips, and falls, and even violence in the workplace are all types of accidents that can occur in the work site”.

To ensure that your employees don’t get hurt due to an accident in the workplace, identify all possible safety hazards and fix them before they hurt, or even worse, cause the death of one of your employees.

3.  Showing that you care encourages employees to work  

“Take care of your employees, and they’ll take care of your business.” This is a famous saying, and every entrepreneur should know it.

It’s no rocket science why employees feel more motivated to work harder for companies that care for them in return. A number of studies claim that healthy and happier employees outperform their peers who work in companies that don’t focus on their health and general wellbeing. So, investing in your employees’ health is much like investing in your own company.

Showing your employees that you care about them makes a great way to make them feel appreciated and important for your company. So, they will be more motivated to give their best while at work.

Acknowledging the value of workplace satisfaction, one innovative approach to showing appreciation is implementing best employee care packages, which are thoughtfully curated to boost morale and demonstrate genuine concern for employees’ wellbeing. These care packages can range from health-focused items to personalized gifts that cater to individual interests, deeply influencing the overall team spirit and productivity.

4.  Caring helps build a good reputation

Caring for your employee’s health and wellbeing doesn’t just help you retain the people you already have in your team. It also helps attract top talent to your business.

Employers that care about their employees get a good reputation among other job seekers. It’s only natural for top talent employees to check the companies that reach out to them and ensure that they will be treated right if they agree to work for that employer.

Top talent employees are a competitive advantage. So, attracting them to your business is a great way to outperform your industry rivals.

Now, the thing with top skilled job seekers is that they are typically aware of their value in a company. So, they don’t accept any offer they get. What’s more, they also don’t just care about the amount of money they get every month but also about the additional perks that come with the offer such as medical insurance, flexible working hours, gym membership, or other advantages like that.

So, be sure that if a top talented individual is to work for your company, they will conduct a background check with your previous employees to see how you are as an employer.

5.  Employee wellbeing equals business success

Overall, if you were to consider all the reasons we’ve listed before, you’ll see that all put together equal business success. Motivated and productive employees, not wasting money on rest days and compensation, and attracting top talent employees to your company are all signs of a thriving business.

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